Your ads and landing pages are some of your most important tools for reaching new customers or getting more sales out of the ones you already have.

But, as any online marketer knows with any amount of experience at all, you can’t just set up an ad or create a landing page and expect the sales and leads to start rolling in. You need to study user behavior and what makes them click.

Fortunately, many others have done the work before you and have some answers. Here are a few things you can do to boost online conversions with your ads and landing pages:

Add Interesting Images

A study from BigCommerce shows that 78 percent of consumers want to see images in their ads and content.

Images grab people’s attention and they draw people in. The right images catch the eye, illustrate a concept, and tell a story.

Google has recognized the power of images itself, and it prioritizes images in search. You get an image bar on most searches, linking you to relevant photos and graphics.

Use original images as much as you can in your content. If you are promoting a product, make sure you include your own photos of the item to make it look interesting and bring it to life. Include photos of your product in use if possible.

Don’t forget the graphics! You can include things like logos for your certifications or reviews, badges for your customer service or website rating, alerts about sales and price drops, and more.

Create Demo Videos

BigCommerce’s data showed that 39 percent of people want video product demos when they are looking at an ad or landing page.

This is especially true for new or innovative products. After all, you know exactly how a toaster works, but you may not know how a robot vacuum works. You want to see the product in action to know exactly what to expect if you purchase.

The more niche or technical your products are – such as car parts, electronic accessories, or technical toys – the more necessary it will be for you to create these videos. Include several of them if you are creating a landing page.

Include Product Reviews

Many consumers look at what other customers have said to find out if they should buy a product.

After all, you are only going to say how great the product is. But other people who have bought the product are more likely to share their negative experiences if they had any.

BigCommerce reported that 69 percent of shoppers want product reviews. Including these in your ads and landing pages will make it easier for shoppers to see what other customers have had to say and to feel more confident about buying from you.

You can use a review extension to include reviews in your PPC ads. Just be sure that you are following the rules for including accurate and current reviews when doing so. Otherwise, your ads are likely to be rejected.

“Current” reviews include those less than 12 months old.

You can also include customer testimonials, which don’t have as many restrictions for including in ads as reviews. BigCommerce says that 42 percent of people want to see testimonials.

Add Product Comparisons

Product comparisons will show how your product is better than the competitors – assuming it is.

BigCommerce reports that 46 percent of people want to see side-by-side product comparisons to help them make a choice.

You can set up a table showing a list of features, differentiators (such as price, warranties, etc.) or testimonials and reviews. If you include this table on a landing page, you can include a lot more data, but you still have options for PPC ads.

CodeFuel Research

CodeFuel has also conducted research on what drives consumers to interact with ads and other content, which we’ve published in this free ebook.

What our research shows is that 43 percent of people will watch a video ad so long as it has interesting content.

Ad Frequency & Motives

Our research also found that 39 percent said they click on an ad because it has an interesting offer, 28 percent click because it is from a brand they like, 24 percent click because the ad has relevant content, and 17 percent click because it is a creative ad.

When you are designing your PPC ads or landing pages, it is important that you combine as many elements as you can to boost conversions. That means creating ads that are interesting and relevant, as well as using images, videos, and any of the other tools mentioned above. It also means investing in a branding strategy so that more people are familiar with your company and are more willing to click on your ads.

Combine as many of these elements as you can and you will have a winning marketing strategy.