Two and a half months into 2021 and the network search data is already telling a story. How are people searching as we mark one year of COVID-19? Here is an example of some of the data we are sharing with our partners to help them better buy media for their business.

The Highs

These are the categories that showed a significant increase month over month:

  • The Home & Garden category exhibited a spike of 44%(!) in search volume.
  • Also on the rise is the Automotive category, with an increase of 28% in search volume.
  • While Travel is still underperforming for this time of the year, search volume has increased by 19% compared to the previous 30 days.
  • The Careers category has also shown an increase of 6% in search volume.

Why should I care?
Advertising in the above categories could net better results in the upcoming months, either thanks to the immense growth in search volume or the higher CTR (higher buying intent) we are seeing. 

The Lows

  • The Technology and Computing category has decreased in search volume by -3.5%, but the Mobile Phones sub-category has gained a modest increase in search volume of 2.3% compared to the previous month. 
  • The News category has dropped in search volume by -13%.
  • The Real Estate category has dropped by -6% in search volume.

Why should I care?
While the interest in Technology has generally dropped, mobile phones specifically increased in both volume and intent (CTR), which means that lower bids can get better results compared to the previous month.

If you also wish to leverage search trends information in real-time for your campaigns or learn more about how you can monetize your digital assets based on search trend insights, drop us a line here.