Marketers in 2015 need to work smarter if they want to keep up and succeed.

Unfortunately, many find themselves overwhelmed by new digital world we live in. Technology changes rapidly, new specialties emerge constantly, and many marketers don’t know where to apply themselves in the online marketing arena.

While the marketing world can be complex, there are a number of ways to simplify online marketing and work smarter, not harder.

Step 1: Use Technology the Right Way

One mistake most marketers make is focusing on processes, not creativity or strategy. A great, outside-the-box creative and a winning strategy can reap serious profits.

Automation is an absolute must for every online marketer, but those automated processes shouldn’t replace the creative strategy. Technology is best used to enhance the marketing insight that we bring to the table. Over-automating can have negative impacts on your results, but the proper use can enhance and even skyrocket your campaigns.

For best results, use your marketing software the way it’s intended to be used. For instance, instead of using email marketing tools to blast an entire email list, segment that list, implement advanced analytics, and understand what your customers are looking for.

Step 2: Optimize the Front and the Back

Online marketing shares traits with direct mail marketing. To be successful, you are constantly analyzing your campaigns and optimizing them to improve returns and results.

Most online advertising and marketing solutions implement some form of analytics, but it’s important not only to optimize your front end but your back end as well. That is, you need to embrace technology that will help you gain a marketing edge, such as email marketing software and marketing software.

However, be careful which solutions you choose. The best solutions are the ones that are comprehensive. Consolidated advertising and marketing solutions, for instance, act as a one-stop shop for marketing and advertising.

The mobile marketing platform growmobile is one example of a one-stop shop. By aggregating ad sources and automating the most crucial aspects of a marketer’s playbook, growmobile helps improve campaigns on the front end and save countless hours on the back end.

This platform offers mobile app marketers the specific tools they need to improve acquisition, engagement, and social efforts. 

Codefuel’s suite of solutions helps advertisers and content publishers in the same way. These tools offer one-stop solutions for marketers who want to monetize content and advertise to a targeted audience.

Many marketers waste countless hours poring over advertising options and potential marketing pathways. These consolidated platforms eliminate that problem, while improving ROI and keeping marketing on the cutting edge.

3. Specialize

Marketing has become a very diverse, wide-ranging field. To add more value to your employers or clients, and to improve your career prospects, it’s a good idea to specialize.

Digital marketing specialties range from marketing automation to copywriting to creative design to data science. Specialists command higher pay because they offer more value at higher levels. While generalists may work well for small businesses, the bigger a business is, the more they need the most skilled specialists.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t learn a bit of everything. The more you understand your own role in the context of the big picture, the better. But if marketers in 2015 want to save and make money, then specialization is the way to go.

4. Keep Up with the Curve

It’s true that it takes time to keep up with technology and learn the ropes. Ironically, though, this same technology is what saves time and helps marketers work smarter, not harder.

There is a learning curve, but avoiding that short climb will only cost you more in the end. For example, many companies stay away from programmatic advertising because they don’t understand it very well or are afraid of potential abuse.

However, understanding programmatic advertising is a small price to pay for the big benefits it brings. When previous advertising practices are stacked up against programmatic, it becomes clear that there really isn’t any other way to go.

Video is another technology that many marketers are slow to understand and slow to embrace. Since video has become so widespread and so easy to produce, video marketing is an obvious must-try for virtually every business.

While video is nothing new, many marketers fear change and cling to “tried-and-true” content strategies, such as 500-word blog posts once a week.

Video marketing has already become such a big deal for marketers in 2015 that video marketing platforms have risen to meet their needs. Broadcastfuel, for example, is specifically designed to help companies market with video, across multiple screens and devices.


Working smarter, stressing less, and staying ahead of the game means understanding the current state of the industry, as well as the state of technology. If you can keep up with the curve, then you’re already ahead of 95% of your competition.