User experience is a big concern for content marketing since users are expected to spend more time with the collateral. But it is not as much of a focus for advertising since users spend a few seconds with ads on average.

However, user experience is just as important to advertising as it is to any other kind of marketing material. If the ad doesn’t enhance the user experience, it will go unnoticed, alienate users, and potentially hurt the brand.

You must maximize user experience in your ads if you want to increase sales. Here’s how you can do that:

Make them Engaging

Ads don’t just have to be promotional – they can also be interesting, funny, inspirational, and otherwise engaging.

The most engaging ads are the most successful ads. When the content is engaging, users feel connected to it and more receptive to its messaging.

Ads can be engaging by offering interesting and informative content, such as a video tutorial that helps users solve a problem. Ads can also be engaging by being funny, such as a funny meme that attracts attention and then segues into the sales content.

Ads can be engaging by eliciting any kind of emotion. Even ads that make people sad will make them to feel like they have an investment in the message. It’s just important that you make users feel something with your ads.

The more engaging your ads, the more effective they will be.

Improve Load Times

Video and graphics can attract more attention for your ads and make them more engaging. They can also make your ads take a lot longer to load.

The problem is a bigger one for mobile devices, which don’t usually have access to the same bandwidth and don’t have as powerful a processor as a desktop.

If your ads take a long time to load, you’ll lose users. If your ads slow down the loading time of the page they are on, they will actively garner disdain for your company.

You must optimize your ads so that they load as quickly as possible. If they take any longer than a second or two to load, you’ve lost your audience.

Fortunately, there are many easy ways to improve the load times of your content, so it won’t take much time or effort to correct this problem.

Make them Relevant

No one wants to be bothered by an ad offering something they don’t want or need. The ad is just annoying at that point.

In order to maximize the user experience, you must present ads that are relevant to the user.

You can determine the relevancy of the ads by conducting extensive audience research and then selecting the right targeting options for your ads. Or you can use a solution like In-Feed from CodeFuel that performs the analysis and selection for you.

In-Feed uses CodeFuel’s technology to looks at user-intent signals to determine what kind of content would be of most interest and relevancy to the user, and it selects ads in real time. The ads are shown to the right users at the right time.

The more relevant the ads are, the better the user experience will be and the more effective the ads will be.

Put them in the Right Place

How many times have you left a site because it had too many popups?

Or because there were so many ads on the site that you couldn’t easily navigate the content?

Where you place an ad has a big impact on the user experience, as well as how users respond to your ads.

Native ads offer the best placement opportunities for advertising because they look like editorial content. They appear right alongside the other blog posts or articles on a site. They sit right between the other videos on a YouTube channel. They pop up just like other status updates on social media.

Native ads don’t detract from the user experience at all. They are more likely to be seen, and they are more likely to engage the audience.

Again, In-Feed is the solution here. In-Feed delivers native ads, and uses CodeFuel tech to determine the proper placement for them through its analysis of user-intent signals

With In-Feed, you get actionable insights that result in more sales and leads without having to commit a huge amount of your own time and money. You just get the best ads in the best placement for each user-group. You ultimately increase your revenue and improve your brand exposure.

Don’t waste resources on extensive research. Use the solution that helps you get results through smart analysis of complex data. You’ll start generating the revenue that will help you grow your business and take things to the next level.