Content marketing and social media marketing alone may not be enough to get the results you want for your business. While it would be nice to get the exposure and the sales you want for free by using these methods, you will likely have to shell out a few bucks (OK, a lot of bucks) to buy online advertising.

Pay per click advertising is the most popular form of online advertising, and it can get you exposure in the most important forum of all: Google. However, PPC ads aren’t the only game in town. There are many options for new online advertising technology that can help you get the exposure you want and the conversions you need to grow your business. You can also use this new technology to create more revenue for your site when you monetize.

Here are a few of the new online advertising technology tools that you should consider for your business, whether it’s your goal to advertise or to grow your opportunities for monetization:

Search Feeds

When you’re on a website and you need to get more information, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you open up a new tab and head over to Google. However, when visitors to your site do that, you’re losing out on an opportunity to make revenue.

By adding a search feed to your site, you can provide additional value for your users while also generating income for your site. This isn’t a feed that lets users search your site; this feed leads to search results for the whole web. Every time a person conducts a search through the feed, you earn money.

Browser Extensions

Another way you might search for information online is through a browser extension. You might also use the tool to monitor your eBay auctions, to keep tabs on your Farmville, or to watch your stocks. Browser extensions can also display special offers and promotions, either right in the browser or through pop up ads.

You can advertise your products and services through a browser extension and get significant exposure for your brand. You will either pay a flat fee or pay per click. You can also be sure that you are targeting the audience you want by signing up for a browser extension that is promoted to a specific demographic.

Smart Installer

When people download a new app or piece of software, a smart installer can speed up the process and show them select offers. As an advertiser, you can pay to make sure your products and services are among those shown during the installation process for related apps and software.

Smart installers are effective advertising tools because you target consumers who have already made a commitment to download a product, and who are simply sitting and looking at their computers while the product they want downloads. They’ve already shown an interest in one product and they may be interested in your product too, if it is a good match. When you’re using a smart installer, choose the products that you want to be associated with carefully to ensure that your campaign is successful.

Pay Per Install Programs

If you have an app or software package to promote, signing up for a pay per install (PPI) program can help you get the results you want. Similar to pay per click (PPC) advertising, pay per install programs ask you to pay for results. Just like their name suggests, you pay a fee each time someone actually installs your app or program.

A pay per install program can help you return the return on your investment by reducing the amount you pay for advertising. You only pay for results, not for exposure. That means that each dollar you spend counts.

Signing up for a pay per install program is also a great way to monetize your site. You can promote the program to your audience and earn a fee whenever any of them download a piece of software. The fee you earn is typically higher than the revenue you would make on a typical pay per click advertising program.

As technology advances, so too does the technology available for online advertising. You can use this technology to your advantage by reaching more of your target audience and making your marketing campaign more effective. You can also use this new technology to open up more opportunities to monetize your site. Some of the best new tools include search feeds, browser extensions, smart installers and pay per installation programs. Explore these options to learn how each of them may be able to help your business meet its goals. If you can, consider using multiple tools to help you maximize your opportunities and take your business to the next level.