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What is Video Content?

If you are asking “What is video content?” there’s a good chance that you are either new to marketing and are unclear about the lingo or that you have been living under a rock – or at least in some community that eschews technology. The simplest answer to the question...

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Advanced Native Designs Get Notice

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about native advertising. If you haven’t, chances are good that you haven’t been paying attention or you aren’t very proactive about researching best marketing and advertising practices. Native advertising is the cure for ad...

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The Rise of Content Discovery

For a long time now, whenever people have needed information, they have gone to a search engine and plugged in a few words related to what they wanted. In the early days, we had AOL and Altavista. We still have a few options for search engines, but the most popular is...

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How to Maximize Your Personalization

Personalization is critical to helping you get more out of your advertising and marketing. When people feel like the content they are looking at is created just for them, they feel more engaged. They are more willing to pay attention, and they are more likely to act...

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What Do Premium Ad Units Consist Of?

Talk of premium ad units usually centers around investment in them, and it usually refers to placement on high-quality websites. But this isn’t the whole story. In fact, it’s not even always part of the story. What makes an ad unit “premium” has much more to do with...

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SEO Lesson: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been predicted to change our future for some time now. Movies ranging from “Terminator” to Steven Spielberg’s “AI” have offered us contrasting visions of the future with artificial intelligence – at times terrifying and at times pushing us...

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How to Determine Real User Intent

Say you’re browsing online and you see a story on your Facebook feed about a big storm in Kansas, so you click on it to learn more. You don’t live in Kansas. You don’t know anyone who lives in Kansas. But you saw some gnarly photos of the wreckage, and you were...

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How Unique Ad Placements Can Get Results

Brands target the best ad placements they can get, and that usually means somewhere at the top of the page. Or it can mean placement in a pop up, a dedicated social media post, or a prominent mention or review in a video. But these prominent positions are not always...

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SEO Lesson: Anchor Text

Today’s SEO lesson: Anchor text. Anchor text is a big deal for linking, and linking is a big deal for your SEO. The better the quality of backlinks you have to your site, the more authority you will have and the higher you will rank in search results. But the quality...

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