The tech world offers incredible content, but in order to keep it free, advertising needs to be in place – and not just any old advertising- it needs to be targeted and engaging with no negative UX. When ads are bad, users want to block them out which creates quite a significant industry problem. Ads that don’t match the content create a banner blindness- they are no longer seen by the human eye. Partners & ad solutions are key.

CodeFuel combines relevant ads with relevant content providing a strong user experience which in turn counters the ad blocking phenomena. CodeFuel overcomes banner blindness and generates more revenue for the publisher- it also delivers quality content to improve engagement metrics on the site in an incremental way and does not (and should not) detract from other revenue sources on the site. We team up strong search metrics (from big name partners) with powerful ad units to create something unique and powerful.

Why Partners

Partnerships are key to success and working with them keeps us focused on the bigger picture. CodeFuel delivers the very best solutions to balance between user engagement and content monetization, and it most certainly cannot deliver such a strong product without great partnerships. The CodeFuel partners are some of the very best names in the tech market including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These partners are sitting on pools of valuable demand which we feed to our teams so we can deliver CodeFuel products which understand the needs of the content publisher and the advertiser. Our search partners are strong players in their market- they need a product which can offer strong and innovative ad units. Once that partnership has been formed we can hit the right market with the right ad creating a better outcome all round.

Whats The End Goal?

CodeFuel aren’t just creating a simple ad solution, they are going one step further and creating an ecosystem that works with partners and delivers solutions to the content publisher, their end user and the advertiser. Through creating intelligent and intent based ad units with tailored sponsored content, CodeFuel are keeping the internet free for all as it takes the tech world away from the current problems associated with internet advertising including banner blindness and ad blocking.

Advertising The Power of Targeted Content