Increased sales are important, but if you don’t have loyal customers, they are only half the battle. You will have to keep fighting for every new sale you get, which means you never know where your next success will come from.

But if you have a loyal customer base, you know that your current customers will buy from you again and again and they will refer other people to become customers. The marketing work you already did will pay off many times over.

There are many ways to build brand loyalty, but programmatic native advertising is one of the most overlooked. Here’s how this relatively new advertising option accomplishes this for brands of all types:

Creates an Excellent User Experience

Native advertising is not like other advertising that today’s online consumers are so used to – and so tired of seeing.

It is designed to have the same look and feel of the site on which it is published, so it does not stand out and does not distract from the browsing experience. Native advertising can also take the form of editorial content, such as articles, reviews, tutorials, and interviews.

Native ads offer the reader real value in terms of useful information or actual solutions to problems they may be experiencing. They don’t just make a pitch for a product or service.

By preserving the user experience and offering real value for the user, native ads engender positive feelings toward the brand. They give the user reason to enjoy the brand and to return to it time and again even if they never buy anything. That positive foundation is key to building a relationship with the brand and loyalty to it.

Reaches the Right Users

Marketing to the wrong users is just barking up the wrong tree and wasting your time.

Not only will those users not be interested in what you have to say, but they certainly won’t stick around long enough to begin to feel any loyalty to your brand.

Programmatic native advertising is powered by an advanced algorithm that determines the right ads to show the right users. It looks at reams of user data to understand their interests and needs so that it can quickly determine the right native ad to show.

By getting the right placement of ads with the right users, programmatic native promotes a positive relationship between the brand and the users, beginning the road to a loyal relationship.

Creates Brand Exposure

Loyalty has to start with your customers knowing your brand. And the best way to do that is to get more brand awareness.

Native advertising programs help you get your name out there in ways that traditional advertising can’t.

Think about it: When your banner and display ads are being hidden by ad blocking software (which is being installed in record numbers) and the other users are just outright ignoring or avoiding your ads, how are you going to reach new people who don’t know about your brand?

You need ads that are going to get seen. Native ads do not attract the notice of ad blockers, and they do not raise the ire of users. Therefore, people have more opportunity to see the ads – which means they have more opportunity to see your brand name.

Sometimes, all it takes to get brand exposure is to have your name constantly in front of people. Over time, they will automatically think of your brand when they think of the type of product or service you sell.

The Optimal Solution

Getting the best results from programmatic native ads requires choosing the best program.

In-Feed from CodeFuel is the optimal solution for brands of all types and sizes. It will help brands increase exposure, encourage customer loyalty, and increase sales and conversions.

In-Feed is fueled by the same technology that powers artificial intelligence. It uses predictive technology that tries to put the perfect native ads in front of the user based on large amounts of data analyzed and learning behavior over time. It takes the guess work out of your advertising and audience research, and it helps you to get more sales and conversions. It also distinguishes for mobile users, which are fast becoming the primary user base online. It is one of the few native ad solutions that does distinguish for mobile.

In-Feed also allows publishers to increase their ad revenues, which is an incentive to get more people to join. The more sites that are part of the network, the more exposure brands can get by advertising on it.

Native advertising is the solution of the future. It promotes visibility even in the age of ad blockers, preserves the user experience, increases sales, and promotes brand loyalty. My advice? Make sure that you are using the right solution to automate your native ad campaigns and get the maximum results from your investment.