Search engine optimization is the best way to drive traffic to your site and help your business grow. You identify the keywords that your target audience is using to find information or products related to your business niche, and you make sure that your site is poised to offer that information. It sounds pretty simple, right? In practice, however, it can be quite tricky. To do it right, in fact, it requires a complex series of steps that can take months to see results. Targeting search engine results can help you make money in more ways than just driving sales of your own products or services. You can also target search data to monetize your site. There are lots of options for monetizing your site.

Here are a few search engine monetization strategies you should try for your site:


One of the top search engine monetization strategies is advertising. Your first step after conducting thorough keyword research, of course, is to optimize your site and try to drive as much traffic as you can to it. The more traffic your site gets, the more attractive it will be to advertisers.

The next step is to seek out advertisers that target those same keywords, or that sell products or services in the niche. In most cases, you won’t solicit advertising, but will review requests from advertisers who come to your site. Just make sure you review these requests carefully. You want to choose advertisers that don’t just meet the needs of your target audience. You also want to choose advertisers who help you continue targeting those keywords.

When users come to your site, every aspect of your page should provide information that matches their search terms, from the content to the headlines to the ads. The better your site can to do this, the better you will serve your visitors. The better you serve your visitors, the higher your conversions. Then, you’ll be able to charge more for your advertising. Nice, isn’t it.


AdSense is a special advertising program that merits being considered in its own right. AdSense is offered by Google. It automatically serves ads to your site that are relevant to your target keywords. By strengthening the keyword usage on your site, you ensure that you get ads from the advertisers you want and increase the conversions you get for them. Ultimately, this increases the money you earn.

AdSense won’t generate a ton of income for your site unless you have a very large number of visitors each month. However, you can add it to your site to complement other advertising that you sell and supplement your income.

If you have a large number of visitors and wish to add monetization options, then the CodeFuel Search Mediation solution is a great choice. We help you boost your revenue per user visit and optimize your landing pages. If you are buying media on display, native, or search, we can help you introduce new monetization options.

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Search Feed Monetization

Don’t make your users go off your site to search for the information they need. You can monetize search by adding a search feed to your own site. This isn’t just a site search bar. Instead, it is a search box that returns results from all over the web. When you use a monetized search box, you earn a fee or a commission each time the person conducts a search. To find out more about monetized search feeds, check out the search monetization from CodeFuel.

The right search feed will be customizable so you can design it to fit in with your site. The feed won’t look anything like an advertisement. However, every time someone uses it, you’ll earn revenue. If your site gets a lot of traffic, you can make lots of money with your search feed.

Sponsored Posts

Organic search can lead people right to a page on your website. And if people are already visiting the page, why not earn a bit of money from their visit? By integrating sponsored posts, you get paid a flat fee for writing a blog or article that is related to the advertiser’s keyword of choice or writing a review about the company’s products or services. If you have a popular site, you could earn hundreds of dollars for such posts.

Search engine optimization is essential for ensuring the success of sponsored posts. If you use the right keywords and the right SEO, you can drive more traffic to the post. This will make your advertisers happy, and encourage them to buy more sponsored posts in the future.

Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need to write sponsored posts in order to earn money with your website. You can also make money by writing targeted blog posts or articles for an affiliate product. You link to the product in the post, and if users click through and buy the item, you earn a small commission. Just like with sponsored posts, the more successful you are with your search engine optimization, the more traffic you will drive to the content and the more conversions you will get. Unlike sponsored posts, you earn each time someone buys, not just a flat fee.

Search engine optimization is important to the success of your site. If you strengthen your SEO, you’ll get more traffic, and if you get more traffic, it will be easier to sell more of your products and services. You can use these same strategies for search engine monetization to start generating revenue from those same search results.