When it comes to online marketing, eFamous is one of the best strategies. Online stardom is almost synonymous with viral success, but if you want that success, you’ll need to become adept at social media. And social media adeptness requires a social media toolbox.

Become eFamous with the Right Social Media Tools

First, you’ll need some automation tools. Here are a few:

  • Buffer – Buffer let’s you stack posts for major social networks such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. With the click of a button, you can queue up dozens or even hundreds of posts straight from your browser.
  • Hootsuite – The go-to omni-tool for social media mavens and mavericks. Under one dashboard, you’ll have access to more automation tools than you could have imagined, from major social networks to Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Myspace, and more.
  • TwitterFeed – This free tool allows you to send RSS feeds directly to your Twitter account or other social media account for auto-sharing. This way, you can generate large responses and more engagement without having to lift a finger.
  • Pingraphy – This Pinterest automation tool lets you schedule pins ahead of time, in the same way that Buffer works for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Blogging Plugins – Why waste time logging in to half a dozen social media accounts just to post a link to your latest post? Every major blogging platform, from WordPress to Blogger, has plugins that will do this for you.
  • Suites – When you’ve got a budget to work with, test out automation suites like Eloqua or Marketo – but take not, some can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

Once you’ve got an automation plan set up, it’s time to analyze with analytics and web-watching tools.

  • Google Trends –This tool keeps you updated on what’s popular in Google and shows it to you on a graph. You can track which search terms and categories are popular in which parts of the world, see related searches, and more. How is this useful? If you want to become eFamous, you’ll need to see what else is eFamous so you can ride the waves.
  • Followerwonk – This Twitter tool offers amazing data and stats for timing on Twitter, the ability to compare followers for different accounts, and more.
  • Tweriod – Tweriod shows you when you should Tweet, based on an analysis of your account’s Tweet history.
  • Conversion Score – This Facebook tool tracks the performance, engagement rate, and influence of Facebook Pages.
  • LikeAlyzer – This tool analyzes your Facebook Page’s presence and interactions, then provides actionable recommendations to help you improve your results.
  • SimplyMeasured – This tool’s LinkedIn Company Analysis provides you with similar analyses of your LinkedIn Company Page, so you can track what’s working and where you need to improve.
  • Bit.ly – This is a URL-shortening service that allows you to track the clicks generated by your content and shares.

One other crucial aspect to becoming and staying eFamous is keeping up with what’s happening in your industry and the world at large. Every eCeleb should have his or her own content monitoring tools, which can be used for general industry updates and to collect content for curation.

  • Digg Reader – This RSS feed reader helps you track countless RSS feeds in one convenient dashboard. You can organize blogs and feeds into folders, import OPML files (collections of RSS feeds), and more.
  • Feedly – Like Digg Reader, this reader lets you import your RSS collection and keep up to date with the web’s happenings. However, while Digg’s main page tends to collect the biggest stories from around the web, Feedly lets you narrow down the focus based on your interests and your industry, which can help you discover content you may not otherwise know about.
  • Scoop.it – This is another content discovery tool that helps you find content to share on your social networks. You can integrate directly with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and the paid version incorporates analytics tools and other features.
  • Buzzsumo – This tool helps you discover which content performs well for which industry. Solutions include everything from content alerts and discovery to competitor research and insights. The basic features are free to try and use.
  • GrowthHackers – Simply enter a search term in the search box and the website delivers trending articles and topics related to your term.  


These are just a few social media tools that will help your online marketing. If you want to become eFamous, you’ll definitely find yourself ahead of the pack even if you only use a few of them.

The most successful of the eFamous recognize that people follow people, not machines or faceless brands. The less you automate your interactions and the more you stay in tune with your audience’s needs and interests, the more likely they are to stay loyal and help you build your following.