Software management services are offered by companies who help you procure, maintain, and operate software for your business. Even if you have your own IT department, it often makes the most sense to choose and use software management services for your business.

In the same way, software monetization services – such as those provided by CodeFuel help you procure, maintain, and operate software monetization for your business. And if you’re in the business of software, it often makes the most sense to utilize professionals who are experts in monetization.

At first glance, these two businesses may seem like apples and oranges, but remember that apples and oranges do have something in common – they are both fruit. To be a little more concrete with our analogy: they are both third-party experts in their respective fields.

A side-by-side comparison will highlight not only the benefits of both, but the overall benefits of outsourcing certain business functions to an external agency.

Here are 5 benefits that both services share:

1. Compliance

Software management services help a business comply with industry regulations, licensing standards, and more. Deploying enterprise-level applications and installations can be trickier than it sounds. Expert outsourcing can be the answer that you need to help you find out what your business can and cannot do when it comes to software.

Software monetization services, likewise, know the monetization industry inside and out. They provide pre-packaged solutions or customized solutions that comply with marketing standards set forth by the FTC and other government bodies.

2. Best Practices

Not all business software is created equal, and not all implementations are best for your business. Software management services know industry best practices and they can help you find the ones best-suited to your specific needs. This prevents you from wasting money on the wrong solutions and keeps you from the trial-and-error that can cause delays for the rest of your business.

Software monetization services also know industry best practices. Despite the fact that the monetization industry is a rapidly changing environment, there are certain practices that have proven themselves to be more effective than others. From display advertising to search monetization, consulting with a software monetization company can help you find the right solution and the best implementation.

3. Licensing Knowledge

Anyone who has ever dealt with enterprise-level deployment knows how much of a pain licensing can be. There are different levels, different pricing plans, different deals, and more. Knowing the various licensing requirements across an industry can help your business know where to save money and the best deployment solution for your business. Software management services know their industry inside and out, so you don’t have to.

In the same way, software monetization services dig deeply into the advertising and monetization world to discover the most money-making and money-saving licenses. Creating a proprietary search monetization solution, for instance, would require in-depth knowledge and specialization. Rather than hiring a team of people to develop proprietary tools for you, it is always more cost effective to find experts to do the job.

4. Industry Knowledge Means Better Deals

The right software management services company spends its time finding and providing business software implementations for their customers. If you go directly to the software vendor, they may attempt to upsell you or offer a less-than-stellar package that makes them more money. Software management company knowledge includes everything from licensing to specific software packages and special vendor relationships.

And the same holds true for software monetization companies. In this case, having an industry insider is virtually necessary, since the industry is constantly in flux and always evolving. The best way to stay ahead of the game is by aligning yourself with one of the industry’s top players.

5. Frees Up Internal Resources

Having a third party handle the tedious and cumbersome task of software deployment frees up your company resources to do other things. An IT department, which may or may not be up to the task of choosing and implementing enterprise-level software, also has their core job function to focus on. Allocating internal resources – at least to the procurement phase – would simply be cost-inefficient.

And, due to the fact that software monetization is such an esoteric and complex field, allocating internal resources to this task would simply be inefficient. Lack of expertise, training, and industry knowledge would inevitably produce inferior results and cost more than outsourcing would. Your marketing and accounting departments should work with experts, not try to become experts.


While the similarities between these two disparate industries may seem superficial, they both bring into sharp focus the benefits of outsourcing to experts. Both of these external services provide your business with the expertise you need, when you need it, so that your business can stay on task.