Team work is highly important within CodeFuel, since a team is not just a group of people, but colleagues working towards the same goal creating a healthy environment to grow.

Pieces of the puzzle come together when teamwork is structured in the right way. I see it in my team and in fact across with board – when there is an equal approach to getting things done, you can really get going and create something incredible. A good combination of diverse background, experience and respect all contribute and give us the power to create things we really believe in and to push out great products.

With the right balance in the team we can get to where we’re going so much faster and create something that we all care about. My favorite ingredients to success: Excitement, devotion, passion

Why Content Publishers?

We do what we do because we believe that we can engage users to the publishers assets through mobile, tablets, desktop- everywhere and anywhere the users are.

Content publishers have a much more loyal end user than any other medium – so through engaging these loyal users, we can target better our monetization units and help grow revenues for publishers.

Hard Work Strong Impact

Leading a team means conducting their voices – to create a harmony that affects the quality of the product. Once everything has the right balance within the team we can push forward quickly and efficiently.

Successful Projects

When you understand the goals, and you understand exactly how to get there – and have the ability to engage the right talent and attribute it to the right place – your project should be successful. All elements should play an equal part- content, design, QA, BI- whatever team players you have at your disposal. As issues arise they should be flagged, understood and dealt with and learnt from- this way they don’t reoccur.