WordPress for Google Docs Makes Collaboration Easy

WordPress for Google Docs Makes Collaboration Easy

Google and WordPress are always introducing products that make it easier to use each of their services. So WordPress for Google Docs is a natural partnership that helps people get more out of the two most popular services used by web developers and brands.

The new add-on for Google Docs lets users collaborate in real time. They can write and edit, and changes are made instantly. When they are finished with the document, they can publish directly to WordPress.

The add-on works for all WordPress sites, as well as any WordPress.org sites that are connected through Jetpack.

The addition is a welcome change since WordPress has never allowed for multiple users to work on a post at the same time. People had to close the document out before another person could read it and make edits, and so on. And copying and pasting text from Google Docs would lose the formatting when it was transferred to WordPress.

Here’s what you need to know about the new feature and how to use it:

Setting Up

You’ll need to download the WordPress for Google Docs add-on to start.

Download the add-on in the Chrome webstore, and grant it permission to connect to your WordPress account. Then go to your WordPress account and choose the tool in the Add-ons menu. A sidebar will open, and you will select “Add a Site” to input your URL.

Installing the add-on is as easy as installing any other plugin or tool for WordPress – even easier than some. You don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge, and you don’t have to pay for or use any extra tools.

Creating in Google Docs

To write or edit your post, you will use a Google Doc the same way you always have.

Go to your Google Drive and begin a new document. You may use a Drive account that is associated with the site and that all users have access to, or you may start a document in your own Drive account and then share it with those who need access.

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure the Drive account is what’s associated with the add-on.

Anyone who has the shared link to the document can edit it. They can write at any time, change words and phrases at any time, and move whole passages at any time. Any changes that are made are saved automatically.

By working in the Google Doc, you don’t have to worry about managing who is logged into the post at the time. Anyone can open the doc to make changes or to see what work is currently being done.

You can use the Google Doc to collaborate on the writing of the post, as well as to monitor what the people on your team are doing. The document also makes it easier to make edits and give feedback, and it speeds up the process significantly.

By using Google Docs, you will save a lot of time and make your publishing process a lot easier.

Publishing to WordPress

In the past, the only way to get your content from Google Docs to WordPress was to copy and paste the text. The problem with that was that WordPress didn’t recognize any changes you made to the formatting, such as bolded or italicized text, headers, or bullet points.

With the new add-on, you can transfer the text exactly as you create it with just the click of a button.

All you have to do is open the sidebar in the WordPress dashboard and click “save draft.” A preview will pop up so you can make sure the post looks the way you want. Then you can publish it when you’re ready or you can choose to schedule the post.

Most formatting will carry over directly, unless you have done something special in the document or unless you have some special theme installed on your WordPress site that doesn’t sync with the document formatting. Your images will also carryover, so you shouldn’t have to do much if anything on the WordPress end. That means that all your collaborators can work directly in the document, with only the administrator responsible for actual posting.

The add-on may seem simple, but it has big potential for content marketing. Creating your strategy is the first major hurdle, and creating the actual content is the second. But then you need to develop a publishing protocol that is efficient and productive.

Using this add-on can help you include more team members in the publication process, ensuring that you get the best quality content by bringing together the best ideas and the best talents. The add-on will also help you streamline the process so that you can save time and resources, focusing your attention on other aspects of developing and marketing your brand.