Making the Most of User Engagement Reports

User engagement reports can reveal the end results of all your hard work when creating online marketing campaigns.

Of course, you want your visitors to either buy your products or to give you their information to become leads. But before most of them will do either of those things, they have to get engaged with your site. They need to spend some time reading your content, learning about your products, and becoming comfortable with your brand. Once they’ve done that, they will come to your site again and again, hopefully becoming long-time customers.

Looking at your user engagement reports, or analytics, will let you know how engaged your visitors are with your site and how well you are doing with your marketing.

Here are a few of the top things to look at to determine user engagement on your site:

Returning Visits

Engaged customers come back to your site.

You’ll quickly be able to learn how many of your customers are coming back with your user reports. You can also tell what those return visitors are doing on your site, such as how long they are spending on the site, what articles they are reading, and when they are converting.

All of this information will help you learn if you need to make changes to your content or your site design.

Length of Time on Site

Most people are on your site for only a few seconds. Only a very small percentage of people stay for several minutes.

That means that most people aren’t even reading a single article.

These visitors are clearly not engaged with your site.

Engaged customers are engrossed in what they are reading, and they click around to read other related content. They read articles from start to finish, and they click on related links to products and other items of interest.

As your marketing campaign continues, you should see the length of time that visitors spend on your site going up. If it is not, you should rethink your campaign or look for ways to improve it.

Number of Pages Accessed

Some people are quick readers. Some just like to skim.

These people may not be spending a lot of time on your site, but they may still be engaged. You need to look at the number of pages that are being accessed to know for sure.

Readers who are engaged with your site will look at multiple pages during their visit. Again, as your marketing campaign continues, the average number of pages accessed should go up.

Articles Being Accessed

Targeted marketing campaigns are centered around specific landing pages that have a tailored call to action.

Your user reports should show that those landing pages have some of the highest hits during your campaign, if it is effective.

You should also be paying attention to the other articles or pages that are getting the most hits. You may discover that something has gone viral. Even if it hasn’t, you can look at an article that is getting a lot of attention to better understand why customers are responding to it and try to replicate those results in other articles.

Flow on the Site

Your user reports will show you how customers move through your site. You can see what article they click on after they enter your site, and the article they click on next, and so on and so on until they leave.

This is crucial data. It helps you to understand the kind of information that is important to your customers, as well as what headlines are drawing people in and encouraging them to click.

You can also look closely at what articles people are reading last. They might be leaving your site because they have to tend to other things, but they might be leaving your site because they were uninspired by what they were reading.

You’ll need to make changes according to the insights you glean from the flow of customers on your site.


Depending on the software you are using to look at your analytics, you should also be able to look at where customers are converting on your site.

Some conversions will take place on landing pages, as you intend when designing your marketing campaign. However, some will take place after the visitor has been through several pages on your site.

By looking at where customers are converting, you can learn what sales strategies are working on your site. You might learn that certain content is effective, or you might learn that the placement of a form or ad is most effective.

By accessing your user reports regularly, you can learn a great deal from the behavior of customers on your site. You can make changes that will help you get more conversions while also saving time and money.