5 Ways to Make More Money with Your Pay Per Install Software

Pay per install software is one of the best ways to monetize your software or app. In today’s competitive market, pay-per-install software offers an ideal solution for developers who wish to monetize their software.

For one thing, people are more likely to download software that is free, which helps boost your distribution. At the same time, you will earn revenue by promoting third-party programs during the installation.

However, using pay-per-install doesn’t have to be your only monetization strategy. It can be combined with other approaches that will help you earn even more.

1. Advertise on Post-Download Pages

Don’t just focus on the installation process. The entire funnel is at your disposal. If you use the right installer, you have the option to advertise on post-download pages. Here are a couple benefits:

This is yet one more contact point to take advantage of. The installation process may seem like a counter-intuitive advertising option. However, once the idea caught on, it spread around the world. Now it is one of the most common software monetization strategies. Developers may not normally consider installing on post-download pages, but once you start seeing conversions, it may seem like the obvious choice.

You target users that are more committed. Users who have completed the download have shown themselves to be more interested and more engaged in your product. They are more likely to convert and less likely to be put off by ads at this point in the process.

2. Use In-App Advertising

Pay-per-install software is a great way to reach users with ads both during and after they download your product. But advertising in the installer doesn’t preclude you from advertising inside the app as well. This is an effective way to monetize your program over the long haul, provided you do it correctly.

When advertising in-app, use ads that are relevant and contextual in order to add as much value to the user as possible. Search monetization tools are one way to increase the value of your app and monetize it without interfering with the app’s functionality or compromising the user experience.

3. Use In-App Purchases

In-app purchases or upgrades, commonly known as the freemium model, are a very popular and potentially successful way to build up your monetization strategy.

Here are a few ways to use the freemium model:

Offer the option to remove ads. One of the most common ways to incorporate the freemium model into a program is to offer the option to remove ads for a fee. However, like many freemium purchases, only a minority of users actually make this upgrade.

Unlock core features or upgrades. Offering a “light” version of the program, with certain features locked behind a paywall, is another method of monetizing a free app. Pay-per-install ads and in-app ads can both be used in conjunction with this strategy.

Use app-specific purchases. While upgrades or “premium” versions are often one-time purchases, certain types of creative in-app purchases can be used many times over. Some video game platforms, for instance, offer in-game currency that can be purchased repeatedly.

4. Upgrade Frequently

Each time you upgrade your software program, you have the opportunity to run your installer all over again. This, of course, means that you can re-run the pay-per-install program, along with all its advertising offers and any post-download advertisements.

If you choose not to use in-app ads or the freemium model — perhaps to avoid overburdening your program with advertising — then this is one way to reuse your pay-per-install software and remarket to your existing user base.

5. Promote Your Other Products

If you’ve got other products of your own, promote them each time a user downloads your software, each time you upgrade, or even at regular intervals during start-up.

Here are a few benefits you’ll get:

You’ll improve the presence of your products. If you already have a user base, then you’ve got leverage. A pre-existing audience gives you a marketing foothold that you can use to boost the growth of your newer products.

You can expand your brand presence in the minds of your current audience. The more products of yours that a person uses, the greater screen time you’ll have, which leaves a more lasting brand impression. The bigger your brand presence, the more loyalty a user will have, and the more authority you’ll gain.

You’ll get more money. Of course, the more attention and engagement your apps receive, the more opportunity you’ll have to earn money.


Ultimately, all of these tips are designed to help you improve your software monetization strategy. Advertising should be used from the moment that people download your program. And to maximize the impact of your advertising strategy, you should be advertising as much as possible, as long as you don’t interfere with the user’s experience.