Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn started out as a novelty in the social media world. Instead of offering users another way to talk to friends or post pictures of their weekend shenanigans, it gave people a way to tout their professional accomplishments and to make connections that could advance their careers. If used properly, they could even find their next job with the site.

Now the site has 414 million members, and businesses are taking notice of its potential for reaching new customers. If you aren’t already, here are a few reasons why you should be on LinkedIn:

Establish Your Authority

Whether you want to promote yourself as an individual or as a brand, LinkedIn allows you the opportunity to establish your authority by touting your credentials.

You can list your full resume on LinkedIn, including your job titles, the companies where you worked, dates of your employment, and your responsibilities. You can include awards you’ve won, special recognitions and certificates that you’ve received and additional training that you have taken. You can also include publications and presentations you’ve given.

Former bosses and co-workers can provide testimonials or endorse you for certain skills, showing others that you aren’t just tooting your own horn. If you are a business, you can create a company profile. Your “resume” can include your specialties, the size of your company, and more.

You would include a synopsis of this information on your website, but you wouldn’t include the information in as much detail. LinkedIn allows you to list all your credentials so that you can show others why you are an authority and why they should trust you.

Find a New Job or Employee

Many jobs are now posted to LinkedIn before they are posted to anywhere else — if they are posted to anywhere else at all. You can find jobs on LinkedIn by looking at company profiles or joining industry groups where they might be posted.

If you upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium account, you can highlight your resume so that you stand out to hiring managers. The Premium account also provides an analysis of your profile to let you know how you compare to other candidates, and the account gives you permission to contact hiring managers. Sometimes, simply having your profile on LinkedIn can help you get a job since hiring managers will browse through profiles when they need to fill a position.

As a company, you can use LinkedIn to post your job openings and find the best candidates. You’ll gain access to a wide pool of qualified candidates, and you’ll have more options for assessing their credentials. You’ll be able to contact their connections, look at their testimonials, and verify their job history. The site will also give you more exposure for your job posting — after all, you have a field of potentially 4.4 million applicants.


LinkedIn is one of the best places to network with like-minded individuals. Unlike other social media sites, the purpose of the site is to talk business, so you don’t have to worry about people messaging you to try to “get to know you.” The messages you receive will be about career topics.

Another great way to network is to join groups that are focused on topics in your industry. There are so many groups on LinkedIn that you are sure to find several that appeal to your career interests. As a business, you can network in or out of groups in order to build relationships with potential customers. LinkedIn is especially great for networking with other businesses, whether you are a B2B brand or you are looking for business partnerships.

Best Practices

If you are going to get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to follow a few best practices. Whether you are an individual or a business, you need to fill out a complete profile. LinkedIn will show you what is missing from your profile and give a percentage of how much is done. Make sure that you fill out every last scrap of information and your profile is 100 percent complete.

Get testimonials and endorsements from a variety of your contacts to establish your credentials. Try to get the best referrals that you can. Obviously, a referral from the CEO of a company will have more weight than a referral from a fellow volunteer. Post semi-regularly, but don’t overdo it. Keep your sales talk to a minimum or else people will ignore you as a spammer.

Share interesting and informative posts and articles to continue to offer value to your connections. They’ll be more likely to engage with you and to keep you as a connection. Occasionally, show off your authority by sharing a quality post that you wrote or an accomplishment that you have achieved.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool. Make sure you are on the site, and follow these tips to get the most benefits from it.

Casual Connect: Why You Need To Be There.

It’s that time already. Casual Connect USA 2015, one of the most recognized events in the video games industry, is coming to the states. CodeFuel is here to explain why everyone in this industry needs to attend.

What Is Casual Connect?

Casual Connect USA 2015 in San Francisco gathers the best and the brightest in the video game industry for a 3 day in-depth lecture and networking experience. It should fill you in on the latest trends and critical practices of the industry including innovative game design, comprehensive marketing and emerging technology.


The Casual Connect networking motto: ‘We believe in serendipity. We believe forever friends come from experiences you want to record.’

This event is called Casual Connect. Emphasis on the word ‘casual’. They have crafted a world that makes it easy for industry folk to network in the perfect setting. They allow you to simply pick up your badge and start networking.  A wide variety of interactive opportunitues are on offer, from ‘Cheers with Beers’ to an ‘official’ Casual Connect party (our personal favorite) there’s no excuse to not start meeting new industry friends.  Also one to note is ‘Mobile Mingle’ hosted by AppsFlyer – come find CodeFuel, we’ll be happy to chat all things mobile and monetization.


There’s a reason why Casual Connect is so highly regarded in the industry. The quality of speakers they bring to the table is almost unprecedented and this year will be no different. You will be joining over 300 speakers representing the leaders in the gaming industry including over 100 C-Level speakers from thought leaders.  Michael Eisner is giving the keynote. Michael Eisner! If that wasn’t enough to sway you, there will be experts from the likes of Google, Unity,  Lionsgate,  Facebook,  Venturebeat, Amazon,  Playtika,  and  GrowMobile (we love those guys).  We are certain that after 3 days at this event, you’ll come away armed with the knowledge you need to surge forward. Powerful stuff.

So there you have it, why you need to attend Casual Connect USA 2015. We’ll be there, so grab us for a drink and let’s talk monetization and engagement. See you there! 

CodeFuel’s Top 5 ‘Affiliate Summit East’ Talks

With the Affiliate Summit East 2015 (#ASE15) right around the corner, it’s soon time for industry madness. It’s a fantastic place to network and also to hear from experts talk about the things they love. Find below the CodeFuel Top 5 talks to watch out for at the Affiliate Summit East 2015. Remember to check your agenda to see where these talks are happening! 


10 Hot New Ways to Drive Massive Digital Success
Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules

Here at CodeFuel, we’re all about monetizing traffic so we’re excited to hear what marketing king Jay Berkowitz can bring to the table. This talk promises the hottest ways to generate traffic to your digital properties with the best new strategies. He’s the author of ‘The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing’ and ‘10 Free Internet Strategies’ that held onto the Amazon #1 spot. He’s also been profiled by the Wall Street Journal.  What better way to kick off such an incredible conference.

Six Figure Blogging: The Myth, Dream & Reality
Syed Balkhi, Founder, WPBeginner
John Chow, Titles Are For Wimps, John Chow dot Com
Zac Johnson, President, ZacJohnson.com
John Rampton, President, Adogy

There’s nothing we like more than when a team of experts unite to give us a super-offering. This talk brings together six-figure bloggers and online marketers to discuss exactly what you need to do in order to pack even more of a punch into your blog – to grow it into a six figure business using affiliate marketing and much more.

The eCommerce Power of Content
Vladimir Dusil, Co-Founder & CTO, PurseBlog.com
Scott Jangro, President, Shareist, Inc.
Oliver Roup, CEO, VigLink

There’s a lot to be said for the power of content and the traffic it can bring to your site (FYI, CodeFuel turns that into gold!). Vladimir Dusil is the CTO of PurseBlog– a fashion blog which needs to optimize revenue factoring in their 80,000 followers. Scott Jangro is the president of Shareist, a home base for all content marketing activities. Oliver Roup is the CEO of VigLink, a content linking tool. Together they should deliver a killer of a talk with clear insights to bring in the traffic through content-power!


The Path to Becoming a Mobile Performance Jedi Master
Konstantin Dieterle, Managing Director, AppLift
Florian Lehwald, Founder & President, KissMyAds GmbH
Cameron Stewart, General Manager, TUNE

Help me, MobileFuel; you're my only hope. Mobile advertising is definitely on the rise- just ask any member of our MobileFuel team.  MobileFuel was launched to address the needs of app developers so they can make serious money through in-app advertising- offering correct ad placements and performance tracking for both sides. We have a feeling that this talk will tell you all you need to know on the subject. What better way to learn the good stuff than from a panel of leading networks discussing how they’ve used the ‘Force’ to successfully build their mobile empires.


Tim Ash, CEO SiteTuners
Ashley Coombe, Tides Rising

We love a good Keynote, and the Affiliate Summit is surefire hotbed for them – see some previous examples here . This year should be no exception. Tim Ash, the author of bestseller ‘Landing Page Optimization’ and CEO of SiteTuners is sure to deliver. He has spent the past 20 years helping major international companies develop significant online initiatives.

Ashley Coombe, a frequent speaker at the Affiliate Summit brings incredible value. She’s a frequent AS speaker, writer and educator about social media, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Her first piece ‘30 Tools, Tips & Tricks to Save You Time on Social Media and Blogging’ was an instant success. Ashley works for two companies, Prosperent, an Affiliate Tools Provider, and Shareist, a content marketing platform. She spends her time telling the world how life-changing these tools are for easily building, growing and monetizing websites.

So there you have it, the top CodeFuel picks for Affiliate Summit East 2015. It was tough to pick just five! If you prefer some 1-1 talks about the art of monetization and engagement for your traffic – then come visit us at booth 3007 –we’ll be happy to see you!

The Affiliate Summit East 2015: A Beginners Guide

The Affiliate Summit East is a three day business extravaganza for all things networking to include an exhibit hall with affiliates, merchants, vendors and networks. It’s an incredible experience, but also a little intense for first timers.

Worry not, CodeFuel are here to walk you through it and to help you navigate through the ASE 2015 like a pro!

In a Nutshell

The Affiliate Summit East was founded in 2003 to provide educational sessions on latest industry practices and to give assistance in a productive networking environment. In short, it’s a great place to network and to boost your lead generation. It’s a world full of vendors, affiliates, agencies, networks and merchants- you have 3 days to grow your business networks and generate sales by going from booth to booth and by listening to some incredible talks.

Getting A Head Start   

Three days sounds like a long time, but believe us, it flies. It is imperative to start working before. You can join the Affiliate Summit East 2015 Facebook group , follow the #ASE15 hashtag on twitter (and also the list of speakers) , you can even log into the ASE eSocial platform– it offers registered attendees the opportunity to connect prior to the conference with impressive search functionality (you can find companies by company name, attendee type or even attendee name) – you can request onsite meetings quick and easy. They even have an app for your smartphone. Search for CodeFuel and you’ll be monetizing your traffic and meeting us in minutes!

Make A Game Plan

Make sure you understand what to expect both in the ‘Meet Market’ and ‘Exhibit Hall’. It could also prove extremely beneficial to find out who’s speaking and where. Another handy tip: familiarize yourself with the agenda.

Go Social!

Be sure to follow the ASE on their social accounts – this way you’ll get all critical info before you arrive. See below all the links you need!


Also follow our social pages here and here – we’ll also be providing a few essential bits on #ASE15.

Take Lessons From Last Year


Get as much information and advice as possible from people who have been in the past. Check out last year’s ASE here. Our main advice from last year’s ASE? Strategize your meetings as much as possible.

Make Some Restaurant Reservations


You’re heading to NYC, the city that never sleeps! Find out the best places to eat and reserve your tables in advance- you’ll be thankful you did! Want to treat your team (or our team…) for drinks and a bite near the Empire State Building? Book in advance! Get inspired here.

The #ASE15 is a fantastic event and we’re excited to be heading back again. Come meet us at booth #3007 and we’ll talk you through turning your traffic into revenue, you can learn more about CodeFuel, get some tips on the best spots in town… and also play a little blackjack!