How to Promote Your App and Make Money

Texting and email aren’t the only things that keep us glued to our phones all day long. Most of us have our phones loaded up with apps that we either use to make life a little easier (thanks GasBuddy!) or to pass the time (thanks Candy Crush!). With the ubiquity of apps and the viral success that many have attained, you may see the potential for growing your business and decide to develop one of your own. A solid app promoted well can create a significant revenue stream for your business.

If the hype surrounding Flappy Bird is to be believed, all you have to do is threaten to get rid of your app and everyone will start clamoring for it! The rest of us will need more than reverse psychology tactics to make our apps successful.

Continue reading to discover how to promote your app and make money with it.

Submit to Review Sites

One of the best ways to get more exposure for your app is to submit it to review sites. There are dozens of sites that are dedicated exclusively to reviewing apps, and some of those sites get hundreds of thousands of visitors. However, not all reviews are created equal, and this is especially true of paid versus free reviews. The downside to the free review is that it might end up getting buried in a long list of other reviews (unless it’s chosen to be featured).

Paying for featured placement or a review by a top site may well be worth it. A good review can help you get hundreds or thousands of new downloads, which will significantly increase your revenue.

Offer a Smart Installer

The benefits of offering a smart installer for downloading your app are twofold: it increases the download speed – thereby increasing completion rates – and allows you to monetize the heck out of your app. What’s more, you can present users with special offers and other products while the app is downloading. It’s up to you whether you charge a flat rate for those ads or get paid per click or conversion.

By increasing completed downloads of your app, you increase sales. You can also increase your app’s exposure by landing a spot on a “Top Downloads” list on the home page of an app store. That kind of exposure will drive even more downloads and sales.

In-App Advertising

Sales of your app aren’t your only option for generating revenue. There are many opportunities to sell advertising inside your app. For instance, you can sell traditional display ads (e.g., banners in the header or footer) or you can sell pop-ups that appear at key moments (e.g., when the app is launched or a new screen is loading).

Search feeds pay you for each search that’s conducted within your app. Browser extensions pay you based on the offers you display or the clicks they generate.

You can focus on one kind of advertising that you think will work best for your app, or you can use a variety of ads to reach more customers and maximize your revenue.

Affiliate Program

You may have already dabbled in affiliate marketing to sell products and earn a commission, but have you thought about creating your own affiliate program to sell more copies of your app? To do this, you’ll need to sign up to a site that has a large user base and a wide variety of publishers. Then set the guidelines for the types of publishers you’re willing to accept based on the target audience you’re trying to reach. Create an attractive commission offer and go live with your affiliate program.

With the right publishers, you can get widespread exposure for your app and drive sales and revenue through the roof!

Online Marketing

The same strategies you use to promote your content, products, and services can be used to promote your app. These may include: creating content around associated keywords, writing promotional posts, or promoting the app on your social media profiles (or better yet, on the app’s official profiles). A popular way of generating buzz is to run giveaway contests where your app is the main prize. As always, the more exposure you manage to create, the more sales you’ll be rewarded with.

Learning how to promote your app and make money may seem like a complicated series of steps, but it can actually be quite simple. The key is consistency. Use a variety of the strategies listed above, and be consistent in implementing them. Over time, you’ll drive sales of your app and maximize its potential for monetization. Play your cards right and you could end up with a steady income stream to complement or bolster your business portfolio.

How to Increase App Downloads

Everyone has their reason for developing an app. Whether it’s a promotional tie-in with a business or website, or a straight-up moneymaker, one thing’s for sure: you’ve invested a lot of time and resources in creating your app. That’s got to be worth something, right?

After all, time is money. In the world of software monetization, an app’s success can be measured in downloads. The more downloads it gets, the greater the return on your investment, whether in actual revenue, traffic, or leads. When you’re a B2B business, increasing app downloads may be a little more challenging since you’re dealing with customers who know just about every marketing trick in the book.

The good news is, marketing your app isn’t all that different from marketing any of your other products or content. Here are a few things you can do to increase app downloads:

Partner with Another Business

Partnering with another business can help you get more exposure for your app and increase the number of downloads. You can set up an affiliate program, or you can include your app in a software bundle or browser extension. Your partner gets paid when you get clicks or downloads, and you get the exposure you need thanks to the large web presence that your partner has. Choose your partner wisely.

The business should be complementary to your own. Therefore, if your app provides a solution for small businesses to manage their receipts, you should partner with a site that’s targeted to small businesses or entrepreneurs.

Invest in Cost-Per-Install Advertising

Cost-per-install advertising is similar to cost-per-click. Whenever someone installs your app via the ad, you pay a fee. The benefit of this type of advertising is that you’re only paying for results.

The cost is a little higher than some other types of advertising, but the return is also higher. Getting more downloads is not just about the money you make from each sale. You also increase your ranking in lists of top-performing apps, which will move you to the front of the app store. This exposure can generate tons of downloads without you having to lift a finger. By investing in cost-per-install ads, you can increase your downloads and your exposure.

Submit It to Review Sites

Dozens of sites exist for no other reason than to review and promote apps. Some of these sites have a huge following and can generate plenty of exposure and downloads for your app. You’d do well to submit your app to as many of these sites as you can. Some will accept your app for free, while others may charge you for the review. Only pay for the review if the site has the traffic to warrant it. You’ll have no control over the content of the review, so you’d better be sure your app is ready for scrutiny.

Create Promotional Content

Writing a great app description is a good starting point for promoting your app, but the description has its limitations. Take advantage of your blog or website to further extoll the benefits of your app and convince more people to download it. Write blog posts about its features and benefits.

Create professional videos showing the app in action and explaining how it can benefit your customers. Write effective landing pages to use for your PPC campaign. It stands to reason that the more promotional content you create for your app, the more people you may reach and the more downloads you may get.

Promote It through All Channels

You’ve already established many channels to promote your business. Take full advantage of them to get more downloads for your app. Share your app on all your social media channels, write about it regularly on your blog, and send it out with your email newsletter.

Don’t just share links to the app, share information about the benefits of the app. Get creative with your promotions. Create fun and engaging posts that also link to the app. Offer special discounts or bundles for those who follow you on social media or subscribe to your email list.

Offer Discounts

If yours is a paid app, you can increase downloads by offering a discount. It can be a limited-time discount, or it can be restricted to only people who have purchased a previous app, who have made another sale in the past, and so on. You may even consider offering the app for free for a certain time. In return, you’ll get an increase in downloads that can raise your rank in app listings, as well as an increase in exposure.

Your app can be a powerful way to promote your business or increase your revenue stream. The more downloads you get, the more effective the app is. Use these strategies to help you maximize downloads of your app and help promote the success of your business. You’ll soon get the download numbers you need.