Mobile apps and advertising go hand in hand, but it’s a complicated relationship. There are millions of ad networks competing for your attention, much like you’re competing for the attention of your users.

The current mobile marketing ecosystem is fragmented, and the marketing world is struggling to keep pace with the actual technology, which is moving ahead at light speed. This complex ecosystem of ad networks, advertisers, developers, and publishers presents new challenges to anyone trying to monetize mobile apps with advertising.


Here are five of the top obstacles for many developers:

1. Lack of Resources

Time is money and money is time, and most developers don’t have enough of either. The more time you spend on your marketing, the less time you have to spend on your development.

And, as the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” Investments in marketing will yield returns, but there are often thresholds or barriers that need to be broken to take your campaigns to the next level. In some cases, the investment cost can be prohibitive.

If you’ve got the budget, you can hire or outsource the resources you need to boost your marketing efforts, but if you don’t, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

Fortunately, some of the world’s best monetization and promotion platforms work on commission, so all you need to do is integrate your code and push “Start.” These platforms can provide ongoing monetization that reduce the need for hefty marketing resources.

2. Lack of Expertise

Expertise is another common problem that inhibits mobile marketing programs. With a marketing world that’s undergoing constant change, how do you know what’s a trend and what’s the next big thing? How do you identify best practices from “pop advice?”

Due to problem #1, hiring the right expertise can be difficult. Outsourcing is a better option, but it isn’t the cheapest one. And without enough time, you can’t spend the time you need becoming an expert yourself.

It’s a thorny problem, but studies have shown that monetization and promotion tools deliver results. After all, these are marketing tools built by developers, for developers.

3. Too Many Ad Networks

There are countless ad networks, and that makes it difficult for anyone trying to manage their own campaign.

Think about it: if you want to run your own advertising campaign, you’ve got to pick and choose from hundreds of networks, tailor the ads to meet your audience, test, optimize, re-test, track analytics across all of your chosen networks, calculate the ROI for each of your networks…

You get the idea. The more ad networks you’ve got to research, the harder it is to know which one is right for your mobile advertising efforts.

Yet, again, the best way to overcome this obstacle is with aggregation tools. Monetization and promotion platforms solve the ad network problem by putting mobile app advertising networks under one hood. You don’t have to spend your time logging in to a dozen dashboards to check a dozen stats, which means that you’ve also got your next problem solved.

4. Too Much to Track

Understanding mobile marketing is hard enough as it is, but the proliferation of ad networks means a proliferation of analytics and statistics. Analyzing all that data takes time out of your schedule, and makes everyone’s job that much more complicated.

And it also makes understanding the results that much more difficult. It’s hard to put together multiple metrics from multiple campaigns. Without the ability to visualize this data, it’s hard to quantify it and know exactly what resources you’re spending.

Which brings us to the last problem:

5. Inability to Calculate ROI

Return is the bottom line. If you don’t know what kind of return you’re getting – because you’re running too many campaigns on too many networks with too many numbers to track – calculating the actual ROI can be difficult, to say the least.

Marketing ROI shouldn’t be a guessing game, and these days, it doesn’t have to be. Despite the overwhelming complexity of the mobile marketing ecosystem, calculating return on mobile apps and advertising is on its way to a better future.

As mentioned, aggregation tools solve all of these obstacles for you. Monetization and promotion platforms are turnkey solutions that use software to perform all the complex functions developers need to stay ahead, including:

  •      Ad network selection
  •      Media buying
  •      Tracking and analytics
  •      ROI calculation
  •      LTV calculation
  •      Optimization

And so on.

With limited resources and expertise, calculating a customer’s lifetime value or tracking the return on investment is challenging enough, but tool sets such as CodeFuel offer total solutions that overcome these obstacles, so you can stay focused on what you do best.