Content discovery tools help you to find interesting content to share with your readers so that you don’t have to constantly write new content yourself.

These tools also help you to identify the top influencers in your niche, to see what stories are resonating with your audience, and to find trending stories and topic ideas for our own posts.

Code Fuel offers tools to help you get your own content in front of the right users, thereby helping to increase engagement and improve your monetization strategy. However, there are many other tools that help you find content to keep your social media and other channels full.

Here are some of the top content discovery tools for marketers to use:

Moz Content

Moz is a leader in content marketing research and resources, and their content discovery tool is one of the best.

Moz Content allows you to sort the content by topic, template, and author, which makes it easier to analyze the content to determine what strategies are working best to increase engagement. You can then choose the best content to share, as well as get ideas for improving your own content.

Moz offers analytics that give you concrete data about your marketing strategy and that help you save time and money.


Buffer allows you to sort content in a number of ways, such as by the site’s top picks, stories for inspiration, business topics, life hacking, and more. You can find stories that meet your needs or that appeal to a specific segment of your audience.

Buffer also helps you to identify the best times to post your finds on your social networks, and it allows you to schedule them to make your social media management more efficient.

Buzz Sumo

Easily find key influencers and get data about the top performing stories with Buzz Sumo.

You can filter by content type such as articles or infographics, language, country, domains, and time periods going back a year. Content is ranked by metrics such as social media shares by site. You can easily monitor trends across the web or within a particular niche.


Video should also be included in your content curation strategy.

Autoplay allows you to keep up with the most popular new videos being shared across the web. You can then share them on your own social media channels or your blog. Or, if you want to take your content strategy to the next level, you can create a video blog in response to the latest video.


Spike is a comprehensive content discovery tool that also happens to be just the right price for any budget — free.

Search or browse Spike by topics, time frames, and places. You can also create your own watch lists so that you are alerted about particular topics or stories being shared by particular users.

Each story that is recommended comes with information about performance on top social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. The site even recognizes stories that are “pre-viral,” or have the potential to go viral, so that you can get ahead of the trend.


If you want to look beyond what is trendy right now, consider Bottlenose.

The site gives you deeper information, such as historical data on trending topics and analyses on emerging trends. The site also provides information about breaking news so that you can stay on top of news and viral stories as they happen.

With Bottlenose, you can get more actionable information on content so that you can make better decisions for your social media and content marketing strategies.


Trapit claims to help you find content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Trapit combs through more than 100,000 sources to find the best content. It has an algorithm that identifies content that is both relevant and valuable, not just any content that is about the subject.

The platform focuses on content recommendations for social media sharing, and it includes tools for management and distribution as well.


Maybe you are struggling to choose the right stories for your audience, not just find them. Sailthru can help.

The site analyzes the demographics, behaviors, and contextual clues for your audience and makes tailored content recommendations. You not only find stories that are relevant to your niche, but you also find stories that are particular of interest to your audience subset.

Google Alerts

You don’t have to use a complicated tool or spend a lot of money to get content recommendations. Sign up for alerts from the king of search engines itself.

Google Alerts sends you emails or digests with all the stories about a given keyword. You can use the tool to monitor your niche or even to monitor your own brand mentions.

With the right content discovery tools, you can streamline your content strategy and make it easier to fill all your marketing channels with fresh and interesting content that engages your users.