The best pay-per-install network, of course, is CodeFuel. Our flagship installer, InstallFuel, offers a complete monetization and distribution solution for developers, so developers can focus on what matters to them, while we take care of the marketing and monetizing.

Why InstallFuel?


InstallFuel isn’t just a smart installer, it’s a total monetization solution for your software. Developers around the world use our installer to kill two birds with one stone: InstallFuel offers an income solution and a distribution solution under one roof.

Here’s how:

  • Promotion – The InstallFuel smart installer is an installation platform that is customizable and allows you to advertise your own products through the installer. When a user installs the product of a network partner, your offer can appear to that user, which increases your distribution and reach. The advantage of this type of promotion is that users are highly targeted, more engaged, and more likely to convert on your offers. They’re already downloading software, so they’re already in the “software mood.”
  • Revenue – As you’ve probably guessed, the installer’s advertising funnel presents you with the opportunity to earn income from third-party advertisers. You can present ads during installation and post-download, maximizing potential revenue opportunities. You get to tailor your offers to your users and only use those that bring in the most money. And, since these users are more engaged, they’re more likely to convert on relevant offers.
  • Customization – The installer is white label, which means you can customize it to fit your brand’s personality. You choose the logo, the layout and design scheme, how many offers to present, when to present them, and you can track your funnel with state-of-the-art analytics. Built-in A/B testing gives you the ability to run multiple variations and see which one converts better.

All that sounds pretty simple, right? And it is. It works very, very well, because InstallFuel was made by developers for developers. InstallFuel works on the monetization so you can work on your own programs.

But what sets InstallFuel apart? It’s simple.


InstallFuel has quickly become the best at what it does, because we focus on quality customers, quality partners, and a quality product.


  • Partners – Our partner network is 260,000 strong and growing every day. And we’re selective. We choose respected names, so that you have quality products to advertise during installation.
  • Users – Experienced marketers know that quality is even more important than quantity. You want users who are engaged and interested in your product and your offers. Quality users convert.
  • Product – Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate with your product, so that users don’t even know we’re there. We use cutting edge advertising practices and marketing knowledge to craft products that provide value without being intrusive. Our priority is to provide value to you by providing value to your users.

Whether you’re looking for browser extensions or smart installers, CodeFuel offers the solution that you need to take your monetization to the next level.

What about the Rest?

What rest?

Historically and unfortunately, installers haven’t had the best reputation  There are plenty of options out there for monetizing your installations, but if you want to compare them against InstallFuel, check their background.

Look at their:

  • Partners – A person is judged by the company he or she keeps, and the same goes for the company a company keeps. Do some research into the background of potential partners and make sure you know who they are. Is it actually a pay-per-install network or is it an affiliate network? With affiliate programs, you have little control over how your product is presented or who is doing the presenting.
  • Users – Partners and users go hand in hand, and you want only high quality users who will stay engaged and convert. As mentioned above, not all affiliate networks are known for their scrupulous methods or quality standards. Some aim for the short-term conversion, which doesn’t help you if you’re trying to build long-term assets. You want users who will stick around for the long haul, since they’re your customers.
  • Reputation – A little background research will help you find out more about a network or pay-per-install program. Do they even have a background? Find out what third-party websites say about the company and its products. If there’s nothing at all, it may be a sign that this company doesn’t have a reputation.
  • Features – What features do they offer? In addition to the above qualities, you’ll want a solid set of analytics tools, great customer support, cross-platform compatibility, and easy integration with your own code.

How do they compare? You’ll have a hard time finding any installers that come close to InstallFuel, but if you feel the need, feel free to test out your options.

We’ve built a solid reputation as an industry leader, so we’re confident that the competition just isn’t competition.