There are quite a few ways for developers to fuel distribution, and software advertising networks is one of the best. Regardless of which deployment and distribution method you choose, a specialized advertising network helps you find the right target audience who is interested in what you have to offer.

Before going into the specific benefits of a software advertising network, let’s look at the benefits offered by both generalized and specialized ad networks – two primary advertising solutions that can fuel software distribution.

General Ad Networks vs. Specialized Ad Networks

General advertising networks have broad user bases. Networks such as Google’s AdMob and Facebook’s Audience Network have two of the largest user bases in the world.

These networks are also cross-platform and compatible with many ad formats. They give you the ability to advertise on websites and in apps. In Google’s case, you can also advertise beside search results, while in Facebook’s case you can advertise in the social network. 

General networks provide extensively detailed demographics and analytics. Depending on the network, you can target by age, location, occupation, educational background, income status, operating system, browser, personal interests, and so on.

Specialized ad networks, on the other hand, offer many of the same benefits, including worldwide audiences, cross-platform compatibility, detailed analytics, and other network-specific tools. But they also have a few specific benefits of their own.

These networks are more targeted, which makes them more suitable for certain types of industries or marketing purposes. General ad networks, for example, may not be ideal for those trying to promote their app to a niche IT crowd or another technical audience.

They offer unique, specialized advertising channels, such as exclusive inventories and cultivated websites. CodeFuel’s DisplayFuel, for instance, offers a select inventory of software advertising channels that specifically cater to a qualified audience.

Should You Choose a Specialized or General Ad Network?

The answer, of course, depends on your business needs and your target audience. If you’re a software developer that wants to fuel distribution, software advertising networks will give you a competitive advantage. These specialized networks, like DisplayFuel mentioned above, leverage industry connections and software expertise to connect directly to a select customer base.

Though a general ad network gives you the ability to narrow down your targeting, finding a “buyer” audience still requires much more work. And that’s where software advertising networks shine. Here are two of CodeFuel’s top software advertising solutions:

DisplayFuelThis display advertising network consists of a collection of top-converting sites, search pages, software, and more. This network is backed by the company’s years of experience in monetization and advertising.

InstallFuelLike DisplayFuel, InstallFuel targets a highly select audience. The InstallFuel pay-per-install program allows developers to monetize and promote software during the software installation process.

These two advertising options are more targeted and deliver higher quality traffic than you typically get from larger ad networks.

How to Find the Most Targeted Advertising Solutions

Finding the right software advertising network may take a little digging, but it can pay off in the end. To find the best options, think about customers who have the “intent to download.”

Here are a few places to start looking to find the right advertising networks:

Software directories, such as Softonic, often offer on-site advertising options. These are an excellent resource for any developer, because the only reason people visit these sites is to get new software, so you know they have the intent to download.

Software forums and blogs, such as CNet or ZDNet, are good examples of places where two types of people congregate: IT people and those who want to learn more about IT and software. In either case, your software will gain exposure to a crowd that is more likely to be interested in software such as yours.

Niche blogs and forums aren’t technically advertising networks, but this solution is worth mentioning. These are sites that cater specifically to the niche of your app, such as education, business, science, news, games, and so forth. If you are developing an Android game, for instance, find a niche blog devoted to Android games and approach them about advertising. 


As mentioned, you may have to dig around to find the niche blogs and software networks that are right for you. However, CodeFuel’s industry-leading product suite is an ideal place to start. These advertising tools set the bar for most others, so when you use them, you will have an idea of what other advertising networks will need to live up to.