Buying online advertising is one of the best ways to get the exposure you need for your website and your brand. It can help you get the traffic you need to drive sales and conversions. It can mean the difference between ho-hum earnings and real success. It can help you take your business to the next level.

Simply buying ads is not enough to be successful. You need to create effective campaigns and advertise in the right places. Otherwise, you’ll be throwing away your money as you chase results that you’ll never get. Here are a few tips for effective online advertising to get the traffic and the sales you want to grow your business:

Define Your Target Audience

Before you can create effective online advertising, you have to know who you are trying to target. Otherwise, how will you know what tactics will work to reach them? You need to know people’s motivations for buying your products or services before you can figure out how to attract their attention.Target Audience

Don’t imagine a general audience profile for your campaign. Be as specific as you can. Create individual personas for your ads. For example, if you target audience is mid-size business owners, you may want to set up a campaign that targets marketing managers at tech companies with fewer than 50 employees, or entrepreneurs younger than 35 who are running online businesses. The more specific can be when you define your audience, the more specific (and effective) your ads can be.

Explore Multiple Markets

WWW may as well stand for Wild, Wild West and not World Wide Web. The internet is a vast, unexplored frontier, and new markets are being created every day. If you want to reach the widest possible audience for your ads, you need to explore as many markets as you can.

The mobile market is one of the fastest growing and most influential markets. However, the app market is also important, as are markets for social media, software and email. Explore how each of these markets can help your business.

Use New Technology

Just as the number of online markets is growing, so is the available technology. You aren’t just limited to banner ads and pay per click advertising anymore. While these can still be effective when used appropriately, they are not your only options. It is worth exploring new technology to find new ways to reach your target audience.

New Technology

Some possibilities for new online advertising technologies include browser extensions, smart installers, search feeds and pay per install programs. Each of these represents a new way to reach customers and get the results you need. You can reach customers where they are actively engaged, helping you to get their attention. You can also better target your ads, helping you to drive conversions.

Provide Additional Value

Your ads are self-promotional, but they don’t have to focus on just selling your products and services. If they provide additional value for your customers, they can better engage users and get more results.

Some possibilities for advertising that provides additional value include browser extensions and search feeds. With a browser extension, your ad is displayed while users are searching the net or checking other apps. With a search feed, your ad is displayed amongst search results that provide information the user is looking for. In both scenarios, users aren’t just being served ads. They are getting the ads while also getting a service that makes their browsing experience better.

Focus on Results

Of course, the goal of every type of advertising is results, such as increased traffic or sales. However, what many types of advertising actually produces is exposure, not concrete results.


An effective online advertising strategy focuses on those methods that are designed to get results.

For example, affiliate marketing requires that you pay a commission only after your product or service is sold. Pay per install programs require that you pay a commission each time your app or software is successfully installed. In both instances, you pay for an actual sale, not just a click through to your site and not just a lead. You get a higher return on your investment, and you ensure that every dollar you spend on advertising counts.

Creating an effective online advertising campaign requires work and skill. You need a gifted copywriter, and you need to be persistent. You can further improve your results by focusing on the right markets and the right tools. Using technologies such as browser extensions and search feeds to provide additional value for your customers is another great strategy.

Defining your audience and exploring multiple markets can help you extend your reach and make an impact with the customers who actually need and want your products and services, helping you to nurture a long-term relationship. Use these strategies, and you will create the success you need for your business.