It’s a well-known fact that people spend more money during Christmas and the holidays, both online and off. Are you prepared to make more money from your website this Christmas?

Here are 5 ways you can drive more traffic and more sales this season:


1. Monetize with Christmas Offers

One of the main reasons that people spend so much money during the holidays is that brands and retailers offer reduced prices on everything. Sales, discounts, bargains, limited time offers, and other special deals combine with the “spendy” Christmas mindset to create the most commercialized time of the year.

But you don’t have to be Walmart, Target, or a major brand to take advantage of generous customer spending habits. As people move into an online world, so are their purchasing habits. So if you want to make more money from your website visitors, your email list, and your customer base, it pays to follow the examples set by major brands.

Two ways to make offers appealing: through pricing and through packaging.

  • Lower prices to increase sales – No matter how you monetize your site – through products, services, affiliate sales, or ads – you can increase sales by offering holiday specials. Retailers habitually slash prices to drive up sales volumes, and you can do the same. If you use ads to monetize your site, go to the source of your ads and see if you can procure holiday-themed inventory. If you can’t, see the second tip below.
  • Create unique bundles, packages, or services – People respond well to lower prices or special packaging. If, for example, your website is a membership-based site, you can create a Christmas special that adds new features, offers a longer membership period, and so on. And if your site earns money through affiliate marketing, it’s time to start promoting Christmas products for your merchants.

2. Add Some Holiday Cheer to Your Brand

Spice up your brand and your marketing with a Christmas theme. Customers are more likely to buy presents from you when they feel that you’re in tune with the season. Also, when you change it up and add some seasonal flavor, it serves as just one more way to alert customers to possible deals, sales, and savings.

Here are some essential changes you can make:

  • Colors – Consider changing your brand’s colors to Christmas colors…just for the holidays, of course. Or, if the holiday colors complement your own colors, have your designer add them where appropriate.
  • Fonts – Fonts are another way you can make website visitors aware that it’s time to save money on Christmas deals. Believe it or not, there is quite a selection of Christmas-specific fonts, both paid and free.
  • Logo – Simple logo changes are another way to stand out and imply that you’ve got something special to offer. See Google Doodles for inspiration and ideas.
  • Copywriting – Good copy is always a good investment. Get your copywriter to work with your marketing and design team to create funny, creative, and compelling copy that plays on the holiday spirit.

3. Drive Traffic with Promotional Campaigns

To increase sales, you want to cut prices, offer special deals, and create special packages. And to draw customers in and let them know you’re in business this season, you’ll want to add a holiday theme to your site.

But everybody else will be marketing their offers, so you’d better send the word out as well. Here are just a few ways to do that:

  • Advertise – Ramp up your advertising. Regardless of whether you use display advertising, advertising on social media, or advertising on search engines, now is the time to increase your ad budget.
  • Search – SEO for the holiday season means you’ll need seasonal keywords. This can take a bit of expertise, depending on how frequently you update your site, how often Google crawls it, and how relevant you want your content to be down the road.
  • Email – Make more noise during the holidays. One way to do this is by increasing the frequency of your emails throughout November and December. More emails means a bigger presence in your customers’ minds, so they’ll be more aware of you when they reach for their wallets.
  • Social – Social media is another way you should be promoting your holiday deals and your website. Also, adding a holiday feel to your social media profiles can help grab people’s attention.

Regardless of how you earn money on your website, these three techniques are essential ways to increasing traffic, draw people in, and boost your sales.

If you haven’t started your Christmas campaign – and if Christmas hasn’t passed yet – you’ve still got time to make some changes and make some holiday money.