With so many apps out there, it can be hard to know which ones to download. Perion CodeFuel has collected the top 10 apps of 2014 here to help you out.

This collection includes some of the most popular, most trending, most useful, and most entertaining apps on people’s smartphones in 2014.





Inbox by Gmail

1. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is one of the handiest apps you can have on your phone if you are a Gmail user.

This app puts the power of Gmail in your pocket, and uses the smartphone interface in a smart way: the app organizes messages into bundles, separates purchases, tracks your travel plans, and allows you to create your own bundles. You can see email highlights without even opening the message, get things done with reminders, and snooze messages for later.

Messenger by Facebook

2. Messenger by Facebook

Though the Facebook texting app received some criticism, it’s a must-have for any active Facebook user.

The Facebook app allows you to send text messages through your data plan rather than having to pay for individual texts. You can use stickers, record voice messages, preview gallery photos, have group chats, enjoy free voice calls, and more.




3. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most revolutionary travel apps in the world. It works by creating an online marketplace where local people can rent out apartments, bedrooms, or homes to travelers.

You’ll have access to photos, reviews, and maps of potential places to stay. This app is ideal for anyone who wants to a rustic bed and breakfast experience, or if you’re looking to rent out your own pad to earn some extra cash.


4. Magicka

Magicka is one of the hottest new games to hit the online stands since its creation. As of June 2014, it had sold almost 3 million copies on Steam alone.

This overhead action-adventure game aims to shift the focus for games toward creative thinking and away from “casual gaming.” It draws inspiration from other fantasy games such as Warhammer and Diablo, but still pokes fun at its predecessors by straying into non-fantasy settings and offering the game characters modern weapons.


5. Kindle

The Kindle app is available for free for several platforms, from PC to Android.

This app offers immediate access to over 850,000 electronic books. Once you have an ebook in your collection, you can simply install Kindle on any device and begin reading.


6. Vine

Vine is the social video sensation that allows you to record and share 6-second looping videos, much like Instagram does with photos. It’s an excellent way to tap into and track what’s trending around the world…a few seconds at a time. Whether or not you use Vine to share your own videos, it is worth a download, just to see what the future holds for social multimedia networks.


7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the hot messaging app that’s on more than half a billion smartphones.

Available for everything from Android to Nokia, this app works like Facebook Messenger – you can exchange messages, video, and audio without having to pay SMS fees. As of late 2014, this app garnered 600 million daily users around the world, beating out competitors such as WeChat and LINE.


8. Evernote

Evernote is the best way to stay organized, keep productive, and stay focused.

This app is a quick and easy way to jot down notes, add thoughts, collect scraps from around the web, and find what you’ve stored. It’s almost like a portable filing cabinet that you can access anywhere, any time.







9. Snapchat

Have you had enough of instant messaging apps?

Young people haven’t…this app rose from zero to stardom in no time at all, and has even been called a contender to Facebook. The app allows you to send instant messages, pictures, texts, and more, all of which disappear from the servers after only a few seconds.

Google Fit

10. Google Fit

Google Fit is an app that helps you helps you track and achieve your fitness goals.

Simply carry your phone and you’ll get a comprehensive view of you fitness. The app is also an open platform that allows further integration with third party apps and Android Wear devices.

Narrowing down apps to 10 is quite a challenge, but these are some of the top apps in terms of popularity and promise. If you don’t have any of these, they are worth downloading, even if you simply need to keep tabs on the changing software and app world