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1. The Internet of Things: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

The Internet of Things is the wave of the future, and the future has already arrived. This term refers to the proliferation of machine-to-machine connections that will connect a vast number of physical devices in the world around us. Smartphones are just the beginning – from homes to appliances, cars, vehicles, and even clothing, everything will be connected.

This all-encompassing sensor network will have an enormous impact on the entire supply chain. Manufacturing, delivery, and logistics will become more efficient. And, of course, the demand-side of the equation, including marketing and advertising, will also become more efficient. More data will mean more efficient targeting and personalization.

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2. Social Media Demographics for 2014 and 2015

In the early phases of the internet, the major social media players were a bit less certain than they are now. These days, the major players have all taken center stage and each has claimed their share of the demographic pie.

This article covers all major social networks, and reveals gender balances, age discrepancies, wage gaps, and more. Data in this article has been collected from a wide range of sources, and some of it – particularly the Facebook data – doesn’t always agree with itself. It will be interesting to see the results of future studies that address this contradictory data.

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3. Will the Internet of Things Impact Marketing?

Everyone has an interest in the future of technology and the internet. This article focuses specifically on the Internet of Things and how it will impact the technology that affects marketing and advertising.

Big data will fuel the advertising world, and offer in-depth insight into customers. This means we’ll see more predictive capability and more personalization. The article also examines automation and the potential for new advertising spaces.

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4. Lionel Messi and Monetization

What can Lionel Messi teach us about monetization?

More than you might think. This famous footballer came from humble beginnings and overcame a genetic setback to become one of the most talented players in the world. Not only is he talented, though, he’s also famous: this is due to a rigorous advertising campaign and a plethora of apps that bear his name.

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5. The Rise and Rise of Tech Brands

Every year, Interbrand posts its rankings of the world’s top 100 brands. And in recent years, tech companies have taken the top 100 and the top 10 by storm.

This article covers the rise – and occasional fall – of some of these tech companies. The likes of Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon continue to rise, while Nintendo and Nokia have stumbled.

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6. Mobile Is Growing Faster than Any Other Advertising Sector

Report after report demonstrates that mobile is growing faster than desktop, TV, print, or any other advertising sector. This article shows the numbers and then reveals why mobile is on its way to becoming king: that’s where the traffic is going.

Mobile’s adoption carries many implications for developers, advertisers, and marketers.

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7. B2B Marketing Strategies for Mobile Devices

B2B marketing changed with the desktop, and now it is changing again with the smartphone. Marketing to the on-the-go business person requires a new skill set and a new multi-channel approach to marketing.

This article explains how you can use apps, big data, and a multi-channel content funnel to capture and retain the busy B2B customer.

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8. Will Wearable Tech Impact Mobile Marketing?

Wearable technology and the Internet of Things are inextricably entwined. And we’ve already seen some of the first wearable technology hit the fringes of society, but the biggest impact is yet to come.

This article examines how wearable technology will impact customer profiling, privacy issues, and new forms of advertising.

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9. 5 Tips to Monetize Mobile Apps by Increasing Engagement

Pay-per-install programs are a great way to monetize downloads, but if you want to earn money over the long term, you’ll need to monetize engagement. In-app advertising is one of the obvious solutions, but there are a few other methods that can help you sustain a recurring income from your customers.

This article provides a few tips, tricks, and techniques for monetizing customers that use your apps over the long haul.

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10. Paid Website Traffic vs. Organic Website Traffic vs. Social Media Traffic: Which is Better?

This article covers three of the top traffic sources and explains which ones work better in which situations. After all, not all traffic converts equally or delivers the same quality leads or customers. The data shows, for example, that social media has significantly lower conversion rates than organic traffic or paid search traffic.

Why the huge difference?

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