This article covers the top 10 marketing blog posts for 2014 from around the web. We looked at blog articles that hit hard and fast, as well as posts that offered valuable marketing insights. You’ll find posts that predict the future, analyze the present, and learn from history.

Here are the top 10 marketing blog posts from 2014:


1. 7 Advertising Trends That Show You Exactly Where This Industry Is Heading

Adweek’s article takes a look at programmatic, mobile, desktop, and several other trends to provide insight into the future of the marketing and advertising industry. Though programmatic advertising is only a small piece of the pie right now, Adweek points to numbers that highlight the explosive potential that this slice of the industry holds.

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2. ‘Alex From Target,’ The Teen Who Went Viral On Social Media, Was All A Marketing Ploy

One Monday, an innocent teen’s photo went viral on social media. This viral storm was followed by articles such as this one, from Business Insider, which revealed that the viral tweet was actually a manufactured conversation by Breakr, a marketing company. The viral saga and subsequent controversy can teach us several lessons about viral marketing and public relations.

What’s more interesting is that the teen who became internet famous denied ever knowing anything about Breakr.

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3. Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That’s Almost Too Real

The video in this post, a satire of TV ads, gained instant fame. Stock video provider Dissolve worked with Kendra Eash and others to create a hilarious takedown of generic brand videos. It uses the standard stock video footage, but sets it to a narrative that exposes many of the common tricks of the advertising trade, such as appealing to certain ethnic demographics, and so forth.

Despite the satirical nature of the video, it offer excellent insight for those who wish to know how to avoid being too generic.

4. The Internet of Things: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

The Internet of Things is on the horizon, and it will have a big impact on every industry, including the marketing industry. This article provides detailed predictions about how the Internet of Things will affect marketing, based on data from some of the most reputable research firms in the world.

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5. 5 More Brain Triggers To Drive Conversions On Your Website Or Landing Page

This post by Marketing Land covers some of the essential psychological tricks and tools that you can use to drive conversions on your website or landing page. For experienced marketers, the information may appear somewhat basic, but for those who need to learn the basics of designing for conversion, this post is a must.

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6. To Succeed, Growth Hacking Has To Focus More On Product Development Than Marketing

This piece was written by an investor, Justin Caldbeck, who laments the rise of such terms as “growth hacking.” According to him, “Sure, growth is good. But only if it’s real growth.”

While marketing and advertising are essential ingredients to any growing company, product development should be the top priority and prerequisite to growth. The blog article cites examples that don’t follow this order of operations, and shows that explosive growth coupled with poor products usually result in failure.

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7. Digital to Overtake TV Ad Spending in Two Years, Says Forrester

At the beginning of the year, Nielsen revealed that despite display advertising’s growth, it only held a 4.5% market share versus TV’s 57.6%. However, this is on the fast track to change, according to the research firm Forrester. By 2019, the company says digital will represent 36% of all US ad spend.

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8. 4 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Here is another article that covers some essentials for anyone who is considering using responsive web design on their site. This article explains why Google loves responsive, how it helps combat bounce rate, and more.

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9. Meet the Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of Mobile Marketing

Jerome Jarr gets paid to create Vines, 6-second clips that appear on the social video site. This article explains how this internet celebrity became famous and why his strategy works so well for mobile marketing.

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10. Make Yourself Mobile: 5 Ways to Capture a Growing Market

If you want to grow your mobile audience, read this post. This Inc.com article covers 5 top techniques any company can use to expand their reach into the mobile world. And, as reading some of the other articles will show you, mobile is the wave of the future.

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These ten posts represent some of the top posts of 2014, in terms of both popularity and quality. For more marketing tips, tricks, and news, visit the CodeFuel blog.