Hopefully you’re familiar with pay-per-install (PPI) advertising, but if not we’ve got plenty of information about it on our blog. If you’re set up with a smart installer and a PPI network, you might be looking for a few ways to boost your numbers.

Here are ten tips to help you with your PPI advertising:Top-10-PPI-Advertising-Tips-Note

1. Write Concise Copy

Studies have shown that shorter is better. People don’t have very long attention spans, so sentences should be short. Why?

Short is easy to read. These Apple iPhone ads average around 11-14 words per sentence.

Also, keep your paragraphs short. One to three sentences should do it.

2. Use Warm Colors

Red is the color of passion and emergency. Orange is the color of action and urgency. Blue is a calming color. Green is healing.

Which color do you think would inspire people to make a purchase? Visit amazon.com to see which colors they use.

Cool colors, such as blue, green, and white, inspire calm and trust. And that’s why these colors are good for hospitals, non-profits, and eco-friendly organizations.

But, chances are, you want to inspire action. So test out warm colors like yellow, red, and orange. See how a few color changes will affect your results.

3. Use Sans Serif

Sans serif fonts are fonts that don’t have little tails on the ends of the letters. Arial, Calibri, and Helvetica are examples. Serif fonts, such as Times New Roman, are slightly harder to read.

Sans serif fonts are more neutral, less “intellectual,” and more friendly. People are more likely to convert on content that’s easier to read.

4. Use Plenty of White Space

White space, or empty space between paragraphs, makes content easier to read. Dense wording that’s close together and paragraphs that aren’t spaced out are more difficult to process. And readers that don’t read something won’t convert on it.

Try split-testing simple spacing options, such as an extra line between paragraphs. Sometimes small changes make big differences.

5. Test Your Brand

Try out new logos, new taglines, and new sales copy for your brand. A new look for your company may change the way a customer feels about your product. Experiments with brand changes have shown to affect users’ emotions.

A logo or color change, for example, can make users trust or distrust a brand. A design change can affect users’ moods. Remember that every design element is designed to influence users.

6. Test Your Offers

Design isn’t the only thing that affects conversion. The offers themselves will affect how customers react, interact, and convert. Test new offers regularly.

It may sound like common sense, but pick products that are relevant to your audience. And pick cross-platform offers that will be useful to users of any operating system.

The more you test, the more money you’ll make.

7. Test Your Copy

Wording can make all the difference in the world.

Focus on benefits first and features second. A benefit is customer-focused, such as “You’ll get more free time.” A feature is product-focused, such as “It sends you reminders via email.”

Keep your sentences active instead of passive and use action verbs. Not: 

CodeFuel is the industry leader” but “CodeFuel leads the industry.”

8. Study Your Data

Not everyone studies their analytics, but everyone should. Effective PPI advertising relies on data analysis. Completion rates and dropout rates will tell you what to improve upon in your installation funnel.

Data and analytics aren’t all about conversion rates, though. By reading the numbers you’ll learn more about what your customers want. You’ll discover which markets are more likely to convert on which offers and why.

9. Define Specific Goals

Goal-setting is vital. Set specific numeric goals in order to achieve them. Target specific numbers of completed downloads, conversion rates, and so forth.

Define specific approaches to test in order to achieve those goals. For instance, if you want to increase conversion rates by a certain percentage, define a specific set of approaches you’ll test in order to achieve those goals. Changing color schemes, altering product offers, and testing copy can be examples of methods to test.

10. Expand First, Monetize Second

Conversion is vitally important, but it’s not everything. Traffic is more important than anything else. Build traffic, focus on downloads, then focus on monetization.

In other words, in the beginning, spend more on advertising through PPI than improving your installation funnel. Early on, you’ll gain more revenue from traffic than you will from an improved funnel.

How do you know when to switch? Find the balance between the cost of user acquisition versus the benefit of increased conversions.


PPI advertising is one of the most promising advertising channels for software developers. It’s not rocket science, but a little bit of study and work can improve your conversions and your pay-per-install revenue.


Pay Per Install Top 10 PPI Advertising Tips