Twitter monetization requires many of the same strategies as other online channels and social media platforms. But it has its own rules, best practices, and top techniques.

Here are 20 tips for making money from Twitter:

1. Sell Your Tweets for Money

If you’ve got a hefty list of followers, sell your own tweets to other people in your industry…as long as they aren’t competitors.

The bigger your follower count – and the more real they are – the better you’ll be able to pitch your promotional services to other people in your niche.

2. Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best, most lucrative ways to make money online. Focus on the most relevant, profitable products in your niche and join the right networks.

You can place affiliate links directly in your tweets or send people back to your blog for more. Either way, you can earn some decent cash this way.

3. Exchange Tweet-for-Tweet

Want to expand your audience? Consider bartering tweets. Connect with others in your niche and offer to exchange tweets: you can tweet their products or services to your audience and vice versa.

This is a good way to build your own audience and reach a crowd you wouldn’t normally have access to.

4. Promote Your Own Products

If you’ve got something to sell, then tweet about it. Using Twitter as a self-promotional tool only makes sense.

While you should certainly test as much as possible, you’ll probably have more luck sending Twitter followers back to your website or sales page…140 characters isn’t a lot of space to make a sales pitch.

5. Drive Traffic

Drive traffic to your website. There, they can sign up for your email list. You can draw them deeper into your sales funnel and build a relationship with them outside of Twitter.

6. Build a Following

Monetization is impossible without customers. You need an audience that knows you, trusts you, and is willing to buy from you.

So before you start selling and pitching, develop a Twitter presence and a large following. The more people see you on Twitter, the more they will come to know you and trust you.

7. Become Known in an Industry

Focus your efforts on a particular industry. And if you’ve got multiple interests or businesses, consider creating separate Twitter accounts.

Twitterers – and people in general – tend to prefer specialized people. They follow you because you focus on one of their interests – so stick to an industry and a topic. Stray from that and you may lose customers.

8. Use the Right Tools for the Job

Research social media automation tools.

Here are a few of the best ones you can find for Twitter:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • TweetAdder
  • Sprout

9. Hashtag Every Tweet

Hardcore Twitter-lovers follow hashtags, so non-followers can still run across your Tweets. And this means they can follow your account, find your website, and buy what you’re selling.

10. Mention Left and Right

When you mention people, they will notice. Especially if you do it repeatedly. So if you find a good article or piece of content and decide to tweet about it, mention that person in your tweet.

You can build your following and your network this way.

11. Follow New People Every Week

Following is the easiest, fastest way to build your network on Twitter. You can get yourself to three figures of followers in a matter of days, simply by following people.

As mentioned, follow people in your niche. And follow people who are in your target demographic.

12. Monitor Your Industry

Twitter is a great way to connect directly to the pulse of the internet…and your target industry. Following the right accounts will give you instant access to some of the most current, valuable content online.

And it’s an easy way to track what’s trending in your industry. So you can put less effort into keeping up with the curve.

13. Pay to Promote Yourself

If you really want to grow your following, consider buying ads on Twitter. These sponsored tweets show up in timelines that belong to relevant audiences.

You can target tweets, control how much you’d like to spend, and sell your products or services through a form of paid advertising – rather than waiting for the slow social media growth curve.

14. Use Content Locking Networks

A content locking network is a way to “lock” a file or a piece of content behind a hyperlink. Until the user fills out a form, a survey, or completes an advertiser’s action, they can’t access the file.

But when they do, you earn money. These hyperlinks can be placed inside tweets just like affiliate links can.

15. Curate Valuable Content

Creating your own blog posts can be tiring – and you don’t always have the time. So curate content instead. Send out content that’s relevant to your audience.

This is what most people do to stay in front of their audiences. And it keeps people interested in what you have to say…because if you keep trying to sell to them, they will get annoyed and stop listening.

16. Be Persistent

Twitter takes time. Though you can create viral content that catches on quickly, persistence is key. If you release a new book, don’t send out a single tweet: send it out every day for a week or two…or three.

17. Trim the Bots

Cut bots and fake accounts off of your follower list. These accounts only puff up your account and decrease your ranking with tools such as Klout.

Comb your followers’ profiles from time to time and learn to identify fake accounts – then block them.

18. Don’t Spam

While everyone wants to make money online, spamming and overselling is a sure-fire way to annoy your followers. Strike a balance between curated content, created content, and promotional tweets.

19. Learn from Your Audience

Use Twitter to learn from your followers. Find out what their motivations are…then use that information to refocus your marketing and monetization efforts.

When you know what people want, you can sell it right back to them – and make more money.

20. Be Helpful and Genuine

Interact with your followers. People want to interact with real people, not bots or big brands. Be genuine and helpful and you’ll build a solid reputation of someone who’s trustworthy.

And when you have people’s trust, they’re more willing to buy from you.


Twitter, like every other online channel, offers plenty of opportunities for self-promotion and monetization. Balanced, proper use of the tool can help you grow your online presence and monetize your digital content.