Are you meeting your marketing goals for your B2B business?Chances are that even if you’re meeting your benchmarks, you’d like to improve your marketing strategy to get even more results for your brand. Studying some of the top 2016 B2B marketing case studies can help you get ideas and inspiration for your own success story.

Here are some top case studies from which you can learn:

Hewlett Packard

The computer giant has more than 2,500 interns working for it around the world. It took advantage of that large workforce with a Twitter contest to turn interns into brand ambassadors. Every three weeks, HP started a new contest with three to six interns who were asked to create engaging tweets about their experiences at the company.

Not only did the contest help to establish the company as a better place to work for millennials, but it also showcased the company to clients for its innovation and its ability to recruit the top talent. That helped to impress clients, who were more likely to work with the company as a result.


The B2B cloud provider took a comprehensive approach with one recent marketing campaign, providing content and education tools. The marketing campaign included a webinar, Slideshare presentation, infographic, white paper and live presentation. The focus of each item was to help its customers find the right technology tools to maximize content marketing efforts. The campaign was very successful, and it resulted in 5,000 views on Slideshare, 125 participants in the webinar, 1,700 new leads and $1 million in business.


To promote its new Toughpad E1 device, the electronics company held a sweepstakes that included a specially created video and graphic novel. The combination of the contest and specialty content generated a lot of enthusiasm for the product. The campaign got 53 million impressions, as well as 450,000 impressions on social media. It also generated 14 million impressions from shares by partners and fans.

Toshiba America Medical Systems

In anticipation of changes made by the Affordable Care Act, Toshiba America Medical Systems decided to overhaul its messaging to create more focus on customer voice. Specifically, the company aimed to show that it was uniquely focused on customer needs and was able to remain flexible to meet changing demands.

The company created new messaging for a variety of marketing channels and then tested each to ensure that its efforts were on target. Before the campaign, the company’s average click-through rate was 5.14 percent. After the campaign, the average rate was 6.84 percent. A PR campaign also generated 4.5 million impressions.


Penton launched the “World’s Greatest Engineer Movie” contest to help generate leads and increase online engagement. To determine the winner, Penton created a bracket similar to what’s used in basketball’s March Madness.

Buyers voted on pairings, and the winners faced off against each other for votes. At the start, 32 new and classic movies featuring engineers or technology were chosen, and they were whittled down through the pairings. The contest was successful in meeting its goals. It generated 63,354 page views and got 11,487 total votes. The contest also generated 3,279 leads.


The ecommerce firm launched a campaign to increase its B2B shopping experience. The firm, which specializes in bulk book sales, redesigned its website to be more focused on the customer experience and customer needs. Specifically, BookPal created individual customer personas and organized its website around what those personas would need.

Information was made easier to find for those audience segments. BookPal increased its order volume 211 percent over three years thanks to these changes. It also experienced a 40 percent rise in conversion rates and a decrease in the bounce rate of 15 percent.

Fisher Tank

Fisher Tank makes welded steel tanks for industrial and municipal clients, and it long relied on cold calling and referrals to make its sales.

The company launched a content marketing strategy, redesigned its website, started blogging, and created some special content for free download. Thanks to its major marketing overhaul, the company got a 119 percent increase in web traffic, a 4800 percent increase in social media traffic, a 3900 percent increase in lead conversions, and a 500 percent increase in quote requests.


The copy company launched a campaign to increase engagement with 30 top accounts, and it created a separate content marketing strategy through a specialty magazine published with Forbes. Thanks to the campaign, 70 percent of the companies targeted had some sort of interaction with Xerox. In addition, Xerox had a 300 to 400 percent increase in email readership, got 20,000 new contacts, and got more than 1,000 scheduled client appointments.

Taking a closer look at these and other B2B marketing campaigns can help you find some ideas for how to get more out of your own marketing efforts. Use tools offered by CodeFuel to help you increase engagement and get more out of your advertising efforts, as well.