If you want to make money online, you’ve got to show off your content: affiliate sites, which includes most websites and blogs, rely heavily on content marketing, distribution, and sales. This content serves the two primary purposes of marketing and monetization – and sometimes both at once.

Many affiliate marketers want to jump right in, create an information product, and start selling it. But without traffic, you can’t do that. Creating fresh, valuable content is the solution to getting that traffic. And once you get the traffic, you can start monetizing it, often with some of the same, repurposed content.

Here are the top 5 ways to show off your content on affiliate sites so you can start making money.

1. Blog Articles

Blog articles are the top method to catch the attention of search engines and potential customers. Blog articles form an essential piece – often the core piece – of any content marketing campaign. What matters most is whether you have something to say that will interest people…not whether or not you are a poetic writer.

To be interesting, offer something that is valuable, such as something that is:

Useful – In general, people are searching for something online that will help them solve a problem. This is why how-to articles and top 10 tips are so popular.

Entertaining – Of course, sometimes people just want to have a good time. Some of the most effective content online is content that provides both utility and entertainment simultaneously.

2. Ebooks

While blog articles are used to catch the attention of search engines and web surfers, there are two common uses for ebooks:

Capturing Customers – Offering a free ebook can be one way to capture email addresses and other user information for email marketing and list-building. This method is very common, but is it overused? Find out how well ebooks fare in your industry before you start penning your first draft.

Making Money – Earn money by selling ebooks. This is easier when you have a loyal following and something valuable to offer.

While many affiliates offer ebooks exclusively through their websites as ways to make money, there are benefits to self-publication and mainstream publication. If you are building a long-term, sustainable business, publication can boost your credibility and authority within your niche.

3. Videos

Videos can also be used in two ways:

Capturing Customers – YouTube is one of the best, most common ways to capture customers. Video content has quickly taken much of the blogosphere’s market share, so the more quality video content you come up with, the more prominent you will appear in search results.

Earning Money – Many affiliates use videos in conjunction with ebooks and other informational material to develop information products. Self-help guides, tutorials, and other in-depth products can be a great way to show off your content and earn money at the same time.

Don’t think that videos must have high-production costs or cutting-edge graphics. PowerPoint presentations are also considered video content, which may offer some relief to those who are camera shy. 

4. Infographics

Today, we are inundated with data, but not all of that data is presented meaningfully or in an easily digestible manner. To solve this, many people have taken to creating infographics, which take data and present it visually, through graphs, charts, pictures, and sometimes with a storytelling element. 

Infographics, like blog articles, are a great way to capture attention. However, infographics tend to grab attention more effectively. Since they are visual, they are easily digestible, and have a greater viral potential. The more people share them, the more that customers will find your site so you can monetize your other content.

Though high-end infographics can run into four digits in terms of cost, you can also purchase pre-made graphics from digital marketplaces. For a minimal cost, you can supply these graphics to a budding designer or an outsourcing website, and you’ll have a brand-new infographic in no time.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts are self-hosted radio shows. These are particularly useful if you plan to brand yourself or build an online persona and following.

If you have any speaking or stage presence at all, regular podcasts are a great way to build a loyal following that you can monetize. They are free to do, and the more followers you gain, the more you become positioned as an expert. Of course, to be an expert, you will first need to become an expert and demonstrate thought leadership in your field.


All of these methods are ideal ways of showing off your content. Affiliate sites that want to monetize anything will need to engage in at least one form of content marketing. 

Marketing Top 5 Ways to Show Off Your Content: Affiliate Site Success Strategies