Savvy content marketers know that content creation is only half the battle. To really tap into the full potential of content, you also need to be a content curator.

Curating content helps you to keep your feeds full and bring in your audience without spending hours and hours a day writing fresh content. Yet content curating can also take up a significant amount of your time since you have to find the content, evaluate its quality, find the top influencers, and more.

Using real time content discovery tools can help you find the best content in the shortest amount of time. Here are a few of the best tools to consider:

Real Time by Bitly

Many companies already use Bitly to shorten their URLs and make them more social media friendly. Now you can tap into all that data to find out about the best stories being shared.

Real Time by Bitly allows you to search what’s being shared by keywords, topics, domain names, location, language, and more.

The service also provides more advanced tools than some other content discovery platforms. It allows you to create a story from your search by returning graphs and other data about related links around a specific topic. You can use that information to create your own content synthesizing the information.

Hoot Suite Suggested

Here’s another tool that benefits from the collection of data shared across its service.

Hoot Suite is a hugely popular social media management tool, and its Suggested service taps into all the stories and links that are being published through its scheduler. You can search for what’s hot based on what the top influencers are already sharing.

The Suggested service is currently in beta, so more features may be added down the line. For now, you must be a member to use the service, and you can automatically schedule stories as you discover them.


You’ll be sailing through your content curation with Sailthru.

Sailthru syndicates content from around the web based on the interests and preferences indicated by user activity on your site. The service uses demographic, behavioral and contextual clues to learn more about your audience and find the content that is going to have the most impact with them.

You can get more personalized content for each of your channels, helping to drive traffic and grow your leads.


Buffer helps you to find the best content to share specifically on your social media channels.

Search for stories by topic or browse the categories that Buffer suggests, such as marketing, inspiration, life hacking, or “buffer picks.”

Buffer then schedules your content at the best times to reach your followers and fans, based on past user interactions. You’ll find better stories to reach your audience and post them at just the right times, helping to increase engagement and get more exposure for your brand.


Choose from the free or paid versions of this content discovery tool, using as little or as many of the features that you need.

InPowered allows you to search by topics, experts, and date ranges, and it gives you data about shares, reads, and trending topics. You can then use the service to schedule the best stories you find across your social networks, web sites, or mobile platforms.


Bottlenose bills itself as smart data discovery for everyone, and it has a “nerve center” with multiple tools for discovering and managing content.

Connect your Twitter account and search for trending topics and people, read recent comments, and see the latest stories being shared. You can also track RSS feeds and analyze data with colored graphs that make it easy to see what’s trending.

The comments search is a special feature of Bottlenose, and it provides the opportunity to engage directly with potential audience members.


This free tool is perfect for those who are new to content discovery. The platform is easy to use, and you can’t beat the price.

The open search allows you to look for stories by topics, places, and time frames, or you can set up watch lists to keep track of stories about specific topics. For every search result, you also get data about how the story is performing on Facebook and Twitter.

If you set up watch lists, you can also get email alerts about new stories coming in or other developments.

One of the most interesting features of Spike is the “pre viral” category. In this category, the site recognizes stories that are gaining traction and that have the potential to go viral within a very short period of time. By sharing these stories early, you can be one of the brands that is frequently shared when the story blows up.

Add one of more of these real time content discovery tools to your repertoire, and you’ll soon see an increase in engagement across your channels.