Technology is so exciting because it is always changing and showing us new things that it can do. We never know what it will show us next.

Fortunately, technology changes so fast that we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

This year, we can expect to see some things come into the forefront and some other things become more popular and commonplace. As a marketer, you need to be aware of these changes so you know how to reach your customers.

Here are some of the expected top tech trends for 2016:

Device Conglomeration

Smart phones were groundbreaking when they introduced. Now we have smart TVs, smart watches, virtual reality headsets, wearable health monitors, and much more.

2016 will see the rise in popularity of current devices, as well as the introduction of even more smart and wearable devices. Before we know it, there will hardly be an area of our lives for which we cannot use personal tech.

With consumers relying so much on these devices, it is important that advertisers figure out a way to reach customers through them. Text messages and mobile ads won’t be enough.

Consistent User Experience

Right now, most smart and wearable devices operate completely independently of each other.

However, moves are being made to change that, and 2016 will see a big push toward creating a consistent user experience among devices.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that content will show up the same way on all devices. But it does mean designing a user experience that is intuitive for each device.

We’ve seen this already with responsive web design. Website layout and content is automatically adapted when it is accessed from a laptop, smart phone or tablet.

We’ll see more of this for other smart devices, such as televisions and watches. The creation of more mobile apps will be a big part of this trend.

Right now, brands are paying more attention to creating a dedicated mobile app than they are responsive web design. The app allows them to create a user experience specifically for the smart phone, controlling more about how the customer accesses the site and its content.

The Internet of Things

With so many more personal devices being used, there is a big push toward the Internet of Things to connect them all.

Right now, devices share information through cloud services hosted online. Yet there is a push to create a smarter and more powerful central clearinghouse to connect and control these devices.

Many companies are working on that solution, and 2016 may be the year that we see a breakthrough.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence used to be the stuff of science fiction, usually depicted as robots or computers that became sentient and came after their masters with a vengeance.

However, artificial intelligence is becoming more of a reality. Advanced machine learning is expected to grow this year as more devices not only store and process information, but learn how to contextualize it and understand the world on their own. In so doing, these devices can offer more value to the user.

Advertising can really come alive in a world of widespread artificial intelligence since the machines will know exactly what ads to show users based on their interests and needs.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already been introduced for some games and other uses, and it is expected to get more popular in 2016.

Right now, the cost is prohibitive for many users. However, as it gets more popular, it should become more affordable and then become even more widespread.

It is important that advertisers stay ahead of this trend to find effective ways to connect with users of virtual reality.


Drones have been growing in popularity. Amazon even announced a delivery program using them.

More and more people are expected to buy them for recreational use, and as they do, the options for them are expected to grow. Some companies are expected to use them for gaming.

As this change happens, advertisers will have more opportunities, such as in-game ads.

Advanced System Architecture

With the Internet of Things and all the devices that will come online, it will be important for companies to have an advanced system architecture that can handle it all.

Depending on the form that this system takes, it could present new opportunities for advertising or for handling large amounts of customer data.

Changes in technology can mean big changes for advertisers. It is essential that you stay aware of these changes so that you can adapt your advertising strategy as you need. You can also start making changes to your current advertising strategy to keep up with how customers will start changing the way they access their data and entertainment. You’ll stay competitive and meet your financial goals for the year.