Since Google introduced its accelerated mobile pages in October, more and more publishers have been jumping on board and using the service to reach more of their target audience.

The AMP platform allows them to display content nearly instantaneously to mobile users, which helps them to retain more of their readers and to get more traffic to their sites.

However, the platform requires that brands use a special coding language to publish their content. The language is a special subset of HTML, and it can be complicated for those who are not familiar with coding.

Rather than turning your back on this important publishing opportunity for mobile users because you feel intimidated by the coding requirements, you can use special WordPress plugins for AMP that will make it easier to for you to publish. Here are a few of the top plugins to use:


Automattic offers a plugin that automatically converts the posts on your site to AMP versions.

All you have to do is add /amp/ to the end of your page URL to see the AMP version of that page. You can then plugin that coding on the Google platform.

The plugin offers basic functionality for beginners. You won’t be able to tinker with the styling of the pages or to put in more advanced rich content. You also won’t be able to plug in the analytics code to get the important data that you need. You’ll have to know how to insert that code manually.

Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP

You’ll still need the right on-page SEO to rank your mobile pages, but using an AMP plugin won’t always allow you to include the metadata you want.

This plugin from Yoast allows you to maintain control over your on-page SEO while you are using the AMP plugin from Automattic. Eventually, Yoast is predicting that it will include the AMP functionality in its primary SEO plugin, but for now, it offers this as a standalone plugin.

Page Frog

Page Frog makes it easy for you to publish your content through Google AMP, Apple News and Facebook instant articles.

You have full control of how your content will appear, including all the interactive elements on the page. You can also choose the elements to ensure that the page reflects the style of your brand. A live preview is available so you can be sure that the coding is just right before you decide to publish.

The plugin allows you to manage your ads, including their placement and their tracking. Google Analytics, Chartbeat, and support are all included.

With Page Frog, you get full functionality and control.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Here’s another basic plugin for converting your pages to an AMP format.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin shows you the AMP formatting for a page when you add /?amp to the end of the url. Like the plugin from Automattic, it does not allow you to make tweaks to the page elements for the mobile version of the content. You will have to figure out how to do that coding yourself.

Page Tutorials

Right now, there are not a lot of plugins available that help you to easily convert your content into AMP format. However, the platform is still new, and as it grows in popularity — which it certainly will — more plugins will be developed.

For now, you can either use one of these plugins or you can follow one of the easy page tutorials that are available showing you how to format your own pages. While the thought may be intimidating to you, it shouldn’t be. The tutorials show you how easy the coding can be with the right instruction.

You can quickly learn the basic lines of code that you will use again and again. As you become more confident, you can learn more complicated code for more interactive content.

Knowing how to write that code yourself will give you the ultimate freedom in the publication of your content and the shaping of your brand. You don’t have to rely on the limited capability of a plugin.

Google offers extensive support for the AMP platform, just as it does for all of its other tools. You can ask questions at any time, or you can participate in forums to get advice or troubleshoot issues.

If you have the budget, you can outsource the work and get someone else to code your pages for you.

Whatever method you choose for converting your pages to the AMP format, you need to keep your advertising in mind. AMP should help you expand your advertising possibilities by reaching more customers on more devices. With the wrong plugin, you will give up control of your advertising.

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