Not everyone who starts a website wants to sell merchandise or professional services. Some people just want to publish content and make some money on the side through advertising or affiliate marketing. Maybe you want to start a personal blog, or maybe you want to start your own magazine about health or parenting.

Whatever the site you are trying to create, you’ll need some great publishing plugins to make website management a little easier, to draw in more readers, and to make your site more profitable.

Here are a few of our picks for the top WordPress plugins for publishers:


Ideally, you will have multiple contributors helping you to get the best content for your online magazine or website. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in over your head trying to keep up with the constant demands of publishing fresh new content.

Magma makes it easier for you to work with other writers, as well as making it easier for them to work together. Contributors can work through a central dashboard and publish articles themselves. Meanwhile, everyone can keep track of the publishing schedule and what everyone else is doing so that there is no overlap that costs you time and money.

YouTube for WordPress

Not all content that you want to share will be written.

You may want to publish a YouTube channel, or you may simply want to include videos in your regular publishing lineup, interspersed with other types of content.

YouTube for WordPress allows you to record and upload videos straight from your WordPress dashboard. That means that you can publish the videos to your site and to YouTube, saving you a lot of time. You can also create customizable YouTube players, get easy short codes, and search YouTube directly from your dashboard.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Don’t let readers get away when they are done reading a post.

Add this plugin to automatically suggest related posts that they might enjoy. With the right suggestions, your readers will click from article to article, spending more time on your site and lowering your overall bounce rate.

This plugin displays related pages, posts and custom posts. You can also display sponsored content to increase your revenue stream.


You don’t always have to supply the content for your website.

In fact, doing so can become overwhelming and expensive (if you are paying other writers, which you should). This plugin allows you to pull content from around the web to publish on your site. You are not stealing content — just curating it.

The plugin credits sources. Think of it like newspapers and magazines who run stories from the Associated Press or another news service.

Automatic YouTube Video Posts

Maybe you prefer to create your videos and publish them to YouTube first.

This plugin allows you to automatically publish videos from your channel onto your website. You can either publish the video right away or you can create a draft with it so that you can add your own written content with the video.

Either way, you’ll save a lot of time and keep your website current without much effort.


Sometimes, you need more functionality on the page than what your theme allows.

Instead of spending hours writing code, you can use this light plugin to give you the option of adding HTML code to any page or post on your site. With just a few lines of code, you can quickly add just about any feature that you might have to add another plugin to get. You’ll save a lot of time and aggravation.

Simple Yearly Archive

You don’t want to crowd your site or your navigation with old issues of your magazine or posts. Yet having this content available provides additional value for your visitors, and it can help you in search.

You can use this plugin to create an archive that isn’t cluttering up your site. Readers still get access to the old content, and you can focus your work on the newer content.

WP Booklet

Some readers prefer the look and feel of an actual publication in their hands.

This plugin allows you to create the closest thing you can to the written page. You can turn images into a flipbook that operates just like turning the pages of a book. You can add your content by turning pages into jpegs or a pdf document.

WordPress Database Backup

As an online publisher, you are going to amass a ton of data.

If any of that is lost, you can lose a lot of customers since they likely come back to your site time and again to access the same information.

Use this plugin to backup your database and ensure that you never lose any data, even if your site is hacked or your server crashes.

Install these plugins, and you’ll have a successful publishing site that will be easy to manage and attractive to readers.

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