Brands target the best ad placements they can get, and that usually means somewhere at the top of the page. Or it can mean placement in a pop up, a dedicated social media post, or a prominent mention or review in a video.

But these prominent positions are not always the best placements for all ads. The “best” placement is really determined by the user you are trying to reach, the website, and many other factors.

Unique ad placements are often the better choice to get results. Here are a few reasons why:

Element of Surprise

Users have become so accustomed to online advertising and where to find it that they know just how to avoid it.

Sometimes, people automatically click off the popup that appears without even looking at what it says. They scroll right down the home page without looking at anything on the top. Anything that appears in the sidebar with an image or moving text will be totally ignored.

By placing an ad in a location that users don’t expect, you are more likely to get noticed. People are more likely to look at the ad, and they’ll be more likely to read it.

Some unexpected locations could be right in the middle of a blog post, in the menu navigation, or in the comments section.

Unexpected locations will depend on the website and the content on it, so what seems surprising in one location might just be annoying in another.

Improved Targeting

Hopefully, you aren’t just deciding on unique locations for your ads at random. Ideally, you are determining these locations based on the research you have conducted into what will land best with your audience.

The right research will show you exactly where to place your ads so that your audience is the most likely to see them and engage with them. Users will be not only surprised to see ads in those locations, but they will feel like the ads were hand-selected for them.

With improved targeting, you can narrow down on the best placement and ensure that all the other elements of your ads are optimized for success. You’ll see a much bigger return on your investment in much less time.

Less Competition

Many sites charge for advertising based on the location. The more popular the location, the more expensive the ad will be.

By choosing a unique location, you are less likely to have competition, and less competition means you pay less money. The less you pay for your ads, the more profits you reap from the sales your ad generates.

Less competition also means that your ad will have more prominence. Often, ads are placed in clusters on sites. Not only do you have to compete with the other content that is on the site, but you also have to compete with the other ads.

All around, less competition means that your ads perform better and that they help you make more money (assuming that they are effective at moving your audience to act).

Determining Placement

Great, so you know why a unique placement for your ad is beneficial, but how do you determine what placement is best?

There are a lot of ways to do so, including conducting split testing, segmenting your audience, and conducting intensive research. All of these options take a lot of time and money, which can undermine the gains that you make with the unique placements.

Using an intent-based ad solution like CodeFuel’s ‘In-Feed’ can help you cut to the front of the line, giving you the information you need without the intensive investment.

In-Feed works by analyzing a plethora of data about each user. This solution looks at essential data to determine what those users are really trying to find while they are online, or what things they really want or need.

After collecting that data, In-Feed quickly translates it into actionable insights so that it can deliver the right ad for that user group. A native ad is automatically placed on the website in the position that will get the best results.

With In-Feed, you don’t need to determine the best placement for your ads. This solution does that for you, and you can trust that each decision is the optimal one for each user. You can rest easy knowing that you have advanced intelligence working for you to get the best results for your ads.

Stop wasting time and money on advertising strategies that don’t work. Use In-Feed to do the work for you and get the ROI you want.