Video ads are being touted as the next big thing.

Not only is video typically more engaging than blog posts or even pictures shared on social media, but the ads displayed on videos don’t usually trigger ad blockers. Therefore, video ads tend to be more effective.

However, users still find ways to get around watching those ads on videos, so they are not a sure thing. It is important that you understand video ad behavior to know what you are up against. Here’s what CodeFuel’s latest research (available in this ebook) reveals:

Skipping Ads

One of the easiest ways for people to avoid ads on videos is to skip them.


CodeFuel’s research shows that 31 percent of users say they always skip the ads shown on videos. That’s a significant amount of users that never even see your ad, let alone get a chance to be moved by it and act on it.

Another 39 percent of people said that they skip ads “most of the time.” Again, that is significantly increasing the number of people who are not seeing your ads.

Another 27 percent of people said that they sometimes skip the ads on videos. Add those numbers up, and you have 97 percent of your user base either skipping the ads some of the time or all of the time.

Only 3 percent of people said that they never skip the ads they see on videos. Do you really think that you can meet your goals with only 3 percent of your audience seeing your ads? The number of people who are actually acting on those ads is much, much lower.

Compelling Content

We also looked at what reasons will get users to watch an ad without skipping through it.

Our research revealed that compelling content is the most significant reason for people to continue watching. About 39 percent of people on mobile said compelling content would get them to keep watching, and 43 percent of people on desktop said that compelling content would make them stick around.

The length of the video also matters. If the video were short, 33 percent of people on both mobile and desktop said that they would usually watch it all the way through.

Creative ads also get noticed: 25 percent of mobile users said they would watch creative video ads, and 26 percent of desktop users said they would watch them.

A good amount of people – 26 percent of mobile users and 27 percent of desktop users – said that they would watch a video ad if it was from a brand that they know and like.

Nice background music on the ad also had a small impact – 10 percent of mobile users said they would watch and 12 percent of desktop users said they would watch.

Enough people said that there was absolutely no reason they would watch a video ad to be ignored – 14 percent of mobile users and 17 percent of desktop users. That means that you will be completely unable to reach nearly a fifth of your user base with video ads.

Video & Beyond

An ad is only as good as the content it is featured on. CodeFuel captured some crucial information here, namely that favorite content websites are visited every day with a strong percentage of users checking back repeatedly. Most users were noted to to have 2-4 favorite websites that they visit on a daily basis.


Getting More Exposure

CodeFuel’s research found that heavy and medium online users are more likely to click on all types of ads than other users. Generations X, Y and Z are the most likely to engage with ads.

That’s good news for those who are targeting these audience members, but what about brands who are looking at harder-to-reach demographics?

All is not lost. The data shows numerous other ways to reach your user base.

Most importantly, you need to create a compelling ad that has an interesting offer. A 5 or 10 percent discount is not going to cut it. You need to offer people major savings or access to a new product or service long before anyone else can get it, and you need to be presenting that offer in an interesting way.

What kind of narrative tactics are you using in your videos? Are you telling stories? Are you being creative, quirky, outrageous and/or funny? You need to get your user’s attention and then elicit an emotional reaction so they feel connected with your video.

Since users are more likely to engage with an ad from a brand that they know and like, you also need to spend a good deal of time on your brand marketing. Create a strategy that includes your website, social media, online advertising and more. Your audience needs to recognize your brand by name and by site so that they are more willing to hear your message when it’s presented.

Finally, make your ads short and to the point, and you will have more people viewing them. Just make sure that you pack as much as you can into those few seconds so that you reinforce your brand and encourage the viewer to act.