When it comes to video marketing, 2017 is only going to emphasize its importance.

Video has risen rapidly in importance for digital marketers in the last year or so, and it will continue its growth in the coming years.

However, marketers can’t just rely on having videos in their content or their advertising to make an impact. They have to think more carefully about what kind of video they use, where they place it, and how they use it.

Here’s what we’re looking at for video marketing trends in 2017 and beyond:

Native Video Ads

Ad blockers continue to wreak havoc for marketers, but native advertising is helping them break through and reach the visitors using that software.

Native advertising appears to be like regular content, except it is paid for by advertisers.

Since video has proven to be so effective, advertisers have incorporated it into their strategies, as well, including native advertising.

Native video ads can include tutorials, product demonstrations, or even products placements in a narrative or funny video.

It is important that if you invest in native video ads, you also use a service like In-Video from CodeFuel that will use proprietary technology to automatically place ads in the best location at the best time. In-Video bases its decisions on user and site signals so that it shows each user the right ad at just the right time, increasing the likelihood that the visitor will watch the full video and act on the ad.

With In-Video and native video ads, you’ll be able to reach more of your customers and increase your sales and leads.

Live Video

Facebook continues to blaze trails, and it is pushing advertisers toward using more live video.

Facebook Live was introduced earlier last year, and everyone from top brands to the casual user has been using it to connect instantly with the people on their feeds.

Brands are using live video as another type of native advertising. They can show people how to solve a problem in real time, such as with a tutorial or by sharing a solution or series of tips. Of course, their product or service would be featured at the heart of the video.

Live video does not require an advertising budget per se, but since Facebook has limited the organic reach for brands across the board, many are choosing to set aside a budget for promoting their posts.

Facebook Videos

Besides its Live feature, Facebook continues to be a popular forum for sharing videos. Recent data shows that video views went from 1 billion to 8 billion in the last year.

Advertisers can benefit from the popularity of video on the forum by investing in video ads.

Facebook offers thousands of targeting options to pinpoint these ads to reach the right customers. Brands can get more from their advertising dollars by choosing as many of these options as possible.

Create video ads that share compelling content so that when you do reach your desired audience, you hold their attention. Create videos that are interesting, inspirational, or entertaining – the same standards you should be using in all your videos.

Video Resources

You likely have a large sales team to promote your product. Whether this team sells direct to the consumer or to distributors, it is important that you have materials to help them have more impact with their efforts.

Video is a great resource for your sales team. It can help your team understand the many benefits of your product or service, see your product in action, learn about its technical aspects, and more.

When you are putting together your advertising strategy, don’t forget about creating these resources for the team that will make the most impact on your bottom line. Either use these videos for in-house training or use them to advertise to other businesses who could become distributors or suppliers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but it is poised to become The Next Big Thing.

Virtual reality headsets are currently on the market for consumers. Though they are primarily used for gaming, they will eventually be used for a variety of personal needs.

It is important that advertisers start looking at how they can create video for virtual reality. It may be that they create sponsored content, such as a game that features their product at the center, or they may create ads that can play before or after other content.

Now is the time to start exploring and testing the options to see what works best to reach audiences on this platform.

Video will continue to be very important in marketing, and 2017 is definitely the year of video. Start adding these options to your video marketing strategy to get more from your efforts and reach more of your audience. Use video in both your content and your advertising.