Video monetization changes as rapidly as technology.

Every year, the major video platforms release new features, which introduces new potentials for marketers and monetizers. To make the most money from your videos, keep up with the latest strategies – staying on the cutting edge will keep you ahead of the competition.

This article offers a few of the best tips and strategies to keep you ahead of the game in 2015.

First, we’ll cover 3 top video marketing tips:

1. If You Haven’t Started Video Marketing…


Video marketing has several advantages over written content:

People love video. The vast majority of the internet’s bandwidth is being eaten up by video. And that’s why so many companies are spending so much money on video advertising.

There’s a reason that Netflix, YouTube, and TV are still the most dominant forms of multimedia: people demand it. Americans average 5 hours of TV per day, through a variety of channels, from smartphones to TVs to tablets.

Video is a killer SEO tactic. YouTube ranks higher than established websites in many searches. Why? It could be the fact that Google owns YouTube. Or it could be the fact YouTube has such a dominant web presence.

Regardless, making YouTube videos can land you high in search results. So if you want a competitive edge, make some videos.

2. Get on Board Facebook Video

But YouTube isn’t the only video platform out there. And SEO isn’t the only way to reach your customers. Social media is one of the biggest online time sinks, so take advantage of it.

For a while, YouTube was the best way to share videos on Facebook. But the social network recently built its own video platform. Facebook’s new native video platform makes it easier to share Facebook native videos – and harder to share YouTube videos.

So, assuming you have a Facebook Page, you should definitely start uploading videos directly to Facebook.

3. Use Every Platform You Can Find

There are other video platforms besides YouTube and Facebook, though. Some are more specialized than others, and you should choose your video marketing strategy based on your needs.

VimeoLike YouTube, Vimeo is a general video hosting platform that allows people to upload whatever they wish. And, like YouTube videos, they’ll help with SEO and overall marketing. Vimeo is ad-free, but allows monetization through on-demand video and donations.

TwitterTwitter now allows you to upload and host short videos directly on the site.

VineThis is a 6-second social video platform. While most of the videos are social in nature, advertisers have been making creative use of the site to market and monetize.

InstagramThough you may think of Instagram as a photo-sharing site, it’s actually a combination of video and photo. With the right Instagram monetization techniques, you can increase your audience, spread the word, and more.

Other potential video hosting sites include Twitch, Meerkat, Amazon’s video sales platform, and Google Play.

The more, the better.

Video Monetization Tips

Marketing and monetization go hand-in-hand.

The more people that you drive to your sales pages, websites, and monetized content, the more money you’ll make.

Here are 3 tips for making the most money possible from your videos:

1. Calls-to-Action are Your Best Friends

To monetize, you need to sell.

And people need to be told what to do: if you want them to buy something, opt-in, join an email list, and so on, they have to be told.

So include calls-to-action in your videos. If you have the marketing prowess, include tracking URLs to find out which calls-to-action perform best – those placed at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, or those placed in your video descriptions.

Also include calls-to-action in your profile’s about pages and anywhere else there is an opportunity – even in video titles and headlines.

2. Video Descriptions are Your Second-Best Friends

As mentioned, video descriptions should contain calls-to-action that drive people down your purchase funnel.

But there are other ways you should maximize your video descriptions’ effectiveness:

Fill them up with keywords. Write detailed descriptions of each video that contain targeted keywords. This will ensure your video is found by your target audience.

Don’t include just one call-to-action, connect people to your entire social network. If you have a dozen social media profiles, include all of these on your account. This will increase your presence in their online world, making it easier to sell to them regularly.

Include any affiliate links, sponsorships, or ads throughout your video post. When appropriate, include affiliate links to products both in the video itself – when possible – and in the video description. If you have a sponsorship deal or an advertising deal, then include those links prominently. This way, you can sell directly from the video.

3. When It Comes to Traffic: Drive, Drive, Drive

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products or a business selling your own, you’ll need to push people down a sales funnel. That’s why calls-to-action are so important.

As mentioned, it’s possible to monetize videos directly through affiliate links or ads. But the biggest bucks come from your own subscriptions, products, and services.

And the best way to make money from people is to bring them into your fold. Make them ongoing customers and keep interacting with them over time. They’ll be easier to sell to, you’ll dramatically increase their lifetime value, and you won’t need to work nearly as hard to monetize your content.