Writing informative, engaging and quality content is an art — a time-consuming, soul-draining art.

It takes lot of your energy and your time to constantly generate the right ideas and to put them into the right form that will reach the right readers at just the right time.

You are bound to fall short. Yet when you do, you are missing an opportunity to reach your audience and are missing out on potential sales.

Content discovery allows you to provide your readers with the informative, entertaining and interesting content that will keep them engaged without actually having to write it yourself. You find the best stories that you think will appeal to your readers and share links to them on your blog or your social media channels.

In doing so, you will position your brand as the source for the information that your audience needs — even if you are not the one who created the content.

Content Discovery Tools

Knowing the answer to “What is content discovery?” is only half the battle — you also need to know where to find the content and how to employ it.

Fortunately, there are dozens of content discovery platforms and tools that make it a little easier to find the content you need. You can use tools like Buffer or Spike to identify top trending stories and other shareable stories in your niche.

Most content discovery platforms allow you to browse top stories or to browse by topic. They also allow you to search for specific story types.

Some platforms also give you analytics so that you can find out how stories are performing before you choose to share them on your own outlets. You can be sure that a story has viral potential before you waste your time sharing it with your audience.

CodeFuel’s own service works as a content discovery tool for your own content. It picks out the most relevant content from your site and distributes it across the right channels to reach your target audience.

More than Content

Content discovery isn’t just about discovering content. It’s also about discovering who is creating that content.

Sharing great content is just one of the many benefits of content discovery. The strategy also allows you to study what other creators are doing so that you can try to replicate it yourself.

You can follow the top influencers in your niche and study the kind of articles they are creating, the kind of topics they are writing about, how they are writing headlines, rhetorical and creative devices they are using, the publishing schedule they are using, and much more. You can see what is getting results and then use the same strategies for your own content marketing.

Once you identify the top influencers in your niche, you can also work on developing partnerships with those brands. A partnership may result in mutual promotion, unique content, or other offerings for your audience.

Streamlining the Process

The best content discovery tools also include options for scheduling and publishing your posts.

You can set up rules for culling content and automatically publishing it, or you can do your own cull and then create a publishing schedule for it.

Each week, you can sit down and review the content that is being recommended, make your selections, and determine the best schedule for sharing them. You can then use the platform to enter the posts on a specific publishing schedule. Everything will be posted when you decide without you having to do anything else throughout the week.

These tools help to streamline your content marketing strategy. You can increase your ROI while spending less time on content marketing. You can divert those human resources into other aspects of growing your business instead.

Idea Discovery

Finally, content discovery is also idea discovery. You aren’t just finding stories to share to fill your calendar — you are also learning about what stories your readers want to read.

Content discovery can help you learn about current trends, which can spawn dozens of article ideas. For example, if a new diet starts trending, you can write about how it helps with a variety of health and beauty complaints, recommend relevant kitchen products, share recipes, and much more.

If you are following certain news stories, you might write articles adding an editorial point of view or taking a controversial stance on an issue.

Certain trending stories might give you an idea for articles on related topics or articles exploring the same topic from another angle.

Content discovery is an essential strategy to include in your content marketing. It can help you reach more users by generating a steady stream of content, whether created or curated. You can also build relationships with other brands and bloggers, helping you to extend your reach.