What is content monetization?

If you’re a website owner, you need to know what this means. After all, you spend hours, days, weeks, and months working on your website…you deserve to profit from your work. If you can’t make money from your site, you’ll be outperformed by those who can.

In this guide, we’ll explain what content monetization is, why it is necessary to survive in today’s marketplace, and how you can start making money from your content today.

What Is Content Monetization?

Content marketing has become a familiar term in today’s online ecosystem. To pull in more customers, you need to make lots of noise online. That is, you need to produce content.

The more valuable the content, the more customers you can acquire, retain, and make money from. This is the essence of content marketing.

But what is content monetization?

Content monetization is the flipside of content marketing. While marketing makes noise, monetization makes money. They go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other.

The goal of content marketing is to acquire customers and the goal of content monetization is to profit from them. Both use content as their vehicle to accomplish their goals.

Why You Need Content Monetization to Survive…And Thrive

Profit is at the heart of every business. Without a profit model, you can’t grow or keep doing what you love. The more profit you earn, the more you can do both.

Content monetization gives content publishers the freedom they need to build their businesses, grow, and compete in a saturated marketplace.

Since content marketing is becoming more competitive, publishers, websites, and content creators need to stay ahead of the curve. This means creating both quality and quantity. And unless you are earning money from the content you create, you won’t be able to do that.

Website owners whose websites are strictly content-based will understand the necessity of monetizing their content…it’s the only way to pull in revenue.

 How to Start Making Money from Your Content…Today

Want to start making money from your content today?

Whether your content is your only monetization strategy or one of several, you can start making money from it relatively quickly. Or even within minutes.

Unless you sell your content, you need to view it as a vehicle for your monetization efforts.

For content publishers and website owners, here are some essential content monetization methods:

  • AdvertisingAdvertising is a go-to monetization strategy for many content publishers and website owners. It takes very little effort to throw ads on your site and start earning some cash. The more effort you put into optimizing and finding the right ad solution, though, the more money you’ll pull in.
  • Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is similar to ads, in that you promote third party products to earn money. In the case of affiliate marketing, however, commissions are often based on percentages, rather than on flat rates. This can be lucrative, but it often requires lots more work – to really make a sale, you often have to directly integrate your content with the products you are selling.
  • Search Monetization This monetization method is easy to integrate with your other strategies. It offers several advantages over other methods, since it operates only when users submit search queries on your site. Additionally, it delivers content based on those searches, so it immediately targets users’ immediate needs…adding that much more value and relevance.
  • Gated Content – If you create a membership area to your site, you can lock certain content behind a paywall. This gives you the opportunity to use some content for marketing and some for monetization. The more valuable your information and content, the more money you can charge and the more money you can make.

There are other ways to monetize your content, by selling products and services, for instance. But, strictly speaking, these aren’t monetizing your content. Instead, your content performs a marketing function for those services.

There are many businesses that employ a mix of many monetization strategies, from advertising to product sales to search monetization. Regardless of your exact monetization strategy, you need to make sure that your entire content funnel includes the core ingredients to maintain success.

The Core Ingredients You Need to Monetize Content

Ultimately, you need two core ingredients for your content monetization program to be successful:

  • Content – As mentioned, today’s content marketplace is becoming more competitive every day. Publishers are hiring the most talented content creators to produce top quality marketing material, from blog articles to videos to infographics. Your content should be top quality and it should add value to the user.
  • Users – If you are a website owner or a content publisher, your user is your customer. You need to write great content that meets their needs. User engagement should be your focus, so create a great user experience that delivers the value and information that your users are seeking.

These two ingredients are then mixed with the right content monetization recipe:

  • Traffic – First and foremost, you need to drive traffic to your site. These are your prospects, or your potential users.
  • Engagement – Once engaged, visitors can become users and users become customers.
  • Monetization – Monetization, the focus of this article, will ensure that you can keep driving traffic, engaging users, and pulling in more profit.