CodeFuel has an established history of creating effective tools that help both publishers and advertisers better connect with their audiences so both can increase revenues.

One of our newest tools is one of our most effective. It’s called In-Feed, and it relies on some of the most advanced technology available right now.

What is In-Feed? Here’s what you need to know:

The Basics

In a nut-shell, In-Feed is a solution that uses CodeFuel’s signal-packed technology to place native ads on the right online pages at just the right time.

An advanced algorithm built on machine learning looks at intent signals of every page session to determine what ads to show. The algorithm doesn’t look at basics like what keywords the user put in to search or what websites the user has visited. It instead looks at a wider scope of site and user signals, including trending data.

In-Feed uses CodeFuels ‘Smart Demand’ technology to examine reams of data that would usually take a significant amount of time and money to collect. Their algorithms analyze at lightning speed, creating actionable insights in order to show the right ad to the right user at the right moment. The selection can even vary for the same user on a different site or at a different time or on a different device.

Through precise targeting, In-Feed aims to show users only those ads that offer them real value and provide a greater ROI for advertisers.

Why Native Ads?

In-Feed specifically focuses on native ads, which are designed to adapt to the look and feel of the rest of the content on a given page.

Native ads preserve the user experience. They don’t stand out and call attention to themselves as ads. They don’t disrupt the reader from scrolling through the page, and they don’t detract attention from other content. They draw readers in by the quality of their content alone.

In addition, native ads evade the notice of ad blockers, which prevent ads from even showing to users. More and more people are using ad blockers because brands on the whole have not taken the proper care to preserve the user experience. Now, ad blockers are costing brands billions of dollars.

Native ads don’t look like traditional ads, so they are less likely to attract the notice of ad blockers. Therefore, there is a greater chance that your target audience will see these ads and that they will act on them.


In-Feed is a highly adaptive platform. It uses CodeFuel tech to deliver a different ad for every user group based on the intent signals that it analyzes.

It offers great flexibility in that it shows a variety of ad types and changes the look and feel of the ad based on the device being used.

In-Feed shows ads in the sidebar, within a post, at the end of a post, on the home page, in a gallery, or within a list. The best placement is determined for each website and each user. The placement can change by user and by page.

In-Feed also adapts ads based on whether the user is viewing the page on a desktop computer, a smart phone or tablet. It ensures that an ad is seen the way it should be to have the maximum impact for every user.

The platform automates every aspect of the ad to save time and money.

For Publishers and Advertisers

In-Feed isn’t just for brands who want to advertise their products and services. It is also for publishers.

Publishers can integrate In-Feed to generate more revenue from their traffic. Once using the solution, it will automatically display native ads and collect revenue whenever someone acts on an ad.

Since the ads are highly targeted to site visitors, a greater amount of revenue can be generated . This results in an additional revenue stream for the publisher site.

Advertisers also receive a much higher ROI with In-Feed, freeing up a lot of time and money that would have been spent on research and testing ads.

In-Feed is a revolutionary advertising platform that gets results. Learn more on our site and contact us to learn more.