All-in-one video solutions are becoming absolutely necessary for advertisers and publishers that wish to exploit the emerging video marketplace…and stay competitive.

Today’s digital advertising world is just too complex to navigate without some form of one-stop automation. Automated, consolidated monetization and marketing platforms make it possible to navigate and stay competitive in this fragmented marketing ecosystem.

When faced with the overwhelming speed and complexity of the digital advertising world, both advertisers and publishers come up against a number of barriers when developing their campaigns.

For instance:

  • With countless ad networks, ad exchanges, inventories, and sources on the market, how do you know which ads will generate the best returns?
  • How can you calculate the ROI when trying to manage a dozen campaigns across a dozen networks?
  • Are your calculations even effective or accurate?
  • How much time and money are you losing to administrative overhead by struggling with so many campaigns across so many sources?

These types of questions and the need behind those questions are what drive the automation behind all-in-one advertising, marketing, and monetization platforms.

Such automation suites offer advertisers the tools – and the relief – they need to actually make their campaigns manageable. And these consolidated toolsets automate the real-time bidding processes that are just impossible for humans to do any more.

Advertising Automation: Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic Buying

Over the years, there has been some debate over the exact nature of the terms real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying. These types of terms, along with the lack of industry transparency around the processes themselves, have hindered many from adopting these automated solutions.

Fortunately, they’re pretty simple to understand.

Programmatic buying is automated media buying at a large scale, accomplished via algorithms, data, and machine-based transactions.

Real-time bidding is a sub-set of programmatic buying. Publishers (or sellers) make their inventory of ads available for the advertisers (the buyers) to bid on, in a type of auction or stock market. Advertisers can establish their own criteria for purchasing, such as bid price, network reach, and user targeting data, then bid on the resulting inventory in real-time.

RTB has been described as the future of all online advertising, and its phenomenal growth in the past few years certainly lends credence to that claim. Business Insider reports that demand for RTB is actually outstripping supply, driving up prices.

Both of these advertising automation functions are quickly becoming a prerequisite for any advertiser or publisher who wants to stay competitive.

Automation and All-In-One Video Solutions

Anyone keeping up with the online marketing world has probably noticed the proliferation of video across multiple online channels, from social media to video hosting sites.

And video isn’t restricted to desktop – mobile has become one of the major channels for video consumption. Around 40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices and YouTube itself accounts for around 20% of all mobile data traffic.

As a result of the massive demand for video, video advertising has become a major concern for marketers around the globe. And it is becoming a major source of revenue potential for publishers, as well.

All-in-one video solutions meet the needs of advertisers and publishers by providing monetization and marketing solutions under one hood.

CodeFuel’s product, BroadcastFuel, for instance, is such an all-in-one video solution. It provides advertisers with the premium, exclusive media they need to get results. And it provides publishers with the revenue they want from their assets.

And, like any premium all-in-one video solution, BroadcastFuel takes advantage of the latest automation technology to drive those results.

When it comes to real time tesults and programmatic buying, BroadcastFuel defines the industry standards. Its technology- and data-driven solution maximizes returns for any party utilizing its service. Drawing on a variety of demand sources, from trading desks to demand-side platforms (DSPs) to agencies, BroadcastFuel uses its advanced capabilities to ensure both parties gain the most exposure and make the most money.

BroadcastFuel’s solution reaches across devices – from PCs to tablets to smartphones – to serve the right ads, at the right time, in the right place.

CodeFuel products are more than just products, however. Whether clients are using BroadcastFuel or another all-in-one solution, CodeFuel believes that relationships are the foundation of successful business. Clients are more than just clients…they are partners.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager who:

  • Listens to and understands client needs
  • Leverage our relationship for the client’s benefits
  • Ensures 100% satisfaction with the product and their results
  • Helps to maximize yields and results
  • Helps to navigate the complex, fast-paced world of online video advertising
  • Answers any questions and receives any feedback about the product

Video is the future of advertising, so it will be absolutely necessary for everyone to keep up with the industry. Barriers are coming down one after the other, and with all-in-one video solutions such as BroadcastFuel, it’s becoming easier than ever for publishers to make money and for advertisers to reach their audience.