The world of online marketing is a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms. You have to conduct SEO to drive your organic traffic to increase your ROI, but you might also have to buy PPC ads in order to increase your CTR. It’s enough to make you go a little nuts, IRL.

Adding another acronym to the mix is PPI, which stands for pay per install. You may not be familiar with pay per install unless it’s your business to create and sell software or apps. However, if you have just created an app and are exploring how to market it, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with the concept and find out why you should care about it.

Pay per install is exactly what it sounds like: You pay publishers each time your app is installed through their program. The offer for your app may be shown during the installation of another app or piece of software, but it may also be shown on a browser extension or in display advertising.

Here are just a few reasons why PPI is a great tool for promoting your app:

Increased Downloads

The most obvious benefit of using PPI is that it can increase the number of downloads for your app. This, in turn, can help you increase your revenue stream. If you sign up for the right PPI program, you can gain access to thousands of publishers. The larger the network, the more opportunities you have for advertising your app and driving downloads.

Another key to getting more downloads is making your offer as good as you can. In some cases, you can set the commission you pay publishers. In others, the network sets the terms. If you are able to decide on the commission, make sure you set it as high as you can without jeopardizing your own profit margin. The higher the commission is, the more motivated publishers will be to show your offer.

Greater Exposure

Even a relatively low number of people download your app through a PPI program, you are still getting a ton of exposure. If common click-through rates are around 1 percent to 2 percent, this means that your app is actually being viewed by as many as 100 times more people than the number of people who are downloading it. This exposure creates top-of-mind awareness for your app and your brand. When those people see your brand in the future, they will already be familiar with you and will feel more encouraged to buy your products and services.

Top-of-mind awareness also encourages people to tell others about your products and services. Even without immediate downloads of your app, the exposure you get can help you drive sales in the future.

Higher Ranking

In many app stores, the more downloads you get, the higher you will appear on “best of” or other suggested lists. By driving downloads of your app with PPI programs, you can help ensure your place on such lists. Getting named on one of these lists isn’t about bragging rights. Your app will be featured on the front page of the app store, which will help you get more exposure and drive sales.

It’s a cycle. The more downloads you get, the more prominently you are featured, driving even more sales – and so on and so on. The right PPI program can help you start that cycle.

Better Financial Management

When you use a PPI program, you only pay for results. You only pay when someone installs your app. All the other exposure you get is free. In comparison, when you buy advertising, you are only paying for the exposure. You might get some sales from the ads, but there are no guarantees. If you don’t buy the right ads on the right networks, you may not even get any traffic.

By putting your advertising budget into a PPI network, you ensure that your money is working for you. You aren’t wasting money by experimenting with a new network that may or may not get you results. You know that you are getting the results you need. You may pay a little more for PPI, but you will also get a higher return on your investment.

Don’t let the alphabet soup of online marketing overwhelm or disorient you. If you have an app to promote, it’s time to explore your PPI options. By signing up for the right network, you’ll drive downloads and increase your exposure, helping you to build a name for your business and ensure your future success, as well. You’ll also pay only for your results, helping you to ensure that every dollar of your marketing budget is working to ensure your success. Check out the options for a PPI network to promote your app today.