Advertising and online marketing has become a fast-paced game with lots of players, lots of trends, and lots of numbers. 

Keeping track of your analytics from campaign to campaign and platform to platform can be a serious challenge for anyone trying to monetize software.

The best monetization platforms and advertising solutions give you all the data you’re looking for in one place. 

CodeFuel’s Control Center is a cutting edge tool that lets you optimize your funnel by giving you everything you need up front. And if you need custom reports or advanced analytics and optimization tools, Control Center delivers.

All your data is immediately accessible and easy to understand. Some of the more complex analytics tools can offer overwhelming dashboards, features, and reporting options, but remember: it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the results. And when the numbers start taking time instead of making money, you’ve got a problem.

Data, Data, and More Data

Analytics refers to analysis and statistics. This term really became popular with online metrics and tools such as Google Analytics, which tracks and analyses user behavior on a website. Analytics can help you track user behavior pretty much anywhere that users are interacting with your product.

App developers can analyze how users interact with their software. These numbers help developers understand what works in their programs and what doesn’t. They can use this information to improve the design and functionality of their programs. A happy user is an engaged user, and more likely to convert on any in-app advertisements, offers, upgrades, or purchases.

Our programs rely heavily on analytics, because we know how important they are to anyone wishing to monetize their applications. But we also know that analytics can be time-consuming, so we make it easy to manage and monetize everything from one place.

CodeFuel’s Control Center lets you optimize your funnel and examine your customer journey. You can even make changes directly from the Control Center. 


Put simply, the Control Center is the one-stop shop that takes care of all your analytics needs for all of our programs.

Test, Test, and Test Again

Analytics gives you the information you need to redesign your funnel, your app, or your website. Whether you’re crafting a sales funnel for a website, an installation funnel for InstallFuel, or a product funnel, you’ll need your analytics data to improve that funnel.

Optimization is all about testing, improving, and re-testing to create the best, most engaging user experience possible. When you’ve got your user experience dialed in, then your conversions get a boost, and so does your income.

Some marketers love the numbers. After all, more is better, right?

Design, Design, and More Design

Of course, more isn’t necessarily better. You’re only analyzing data so you can make design changes and improve conversions. 

Analytics are useful because they provide you with insight into the customer’s perspective on your funnel.

There are a few design principles that keep users happy when it comes to design. And these are true no matter what type of user experience you’re designing.

First of all, users crave relevant information

Think of Google. We keep using this search engine because it provides extremely relevant, high-quality results. Irrelevant information and decoration is left by the wayside. 

There’s no clutter and very few distractions. We get exactly what we’re looking for, and the advertisements we see are directly relevant to what we’re looking for.

Second of all, users crave quality

This includes things such as the speed, efficiency, and authority of the sites we visit. 

Google offers yet another excellent example. If Google had decided to interrupt our search with pop-up ads, we’d probably go somewhere else. If they delivered low-quality, non-authoritative sites, we’d go somewhere else.

This is why we here at CodeFuel strive to make products, such as InstallFuel, that focus on faster downloads and more conversions.

We’ve designed our analytics hub with the same ideas in mind – because what you want is information, not lots of numbers.

Information without Overload

The Control Center interface is focused on the funnel, which is the only thing that matters. Analytics should be easy to use: the more esoteric the metrics, the more abstract they are, and potentially the less relevant they are. We give you the numbers that are immediately relevant to your funnel.

Do you like pictures? We do too. We’re big on visuals in the Control Center, so you can take everything in at a glance. 

Data should be easy to understand and digest, so that you can take action on what you’ve learned without succumbing to analysis paralysis.

A streamlined interface lets you navigate easily between screens, and when you need to dive deep, in-depth reporting and editing tools are only a click away. 

Data is delivered in real-time, so you can respond and make design changes on the spot.