Everyone has the ability to text these days unless they are actively avoiding the feature. Even those who don’t have a phone plan know how to sign up for Internet services to pick up messages from wifi.

Yet the standard messaging app that comes with most phones is pretty basic. It lets you text and maybe add a few emojis or an attachment, such as a phone contact. But if you want to do much else, you usually have to leave the messaging app and come back to it.

A new messaging app from – who else? – Google seeks to change that. Google Allo provides a variety of features right in the messaging app, such as search, maps and more, so that you can do more with just one tool.

Here is a look at some of the things the new app can do:

Smart Reply

Some native smart phone messaging apps include predictive text to help you respond more quickly.

However, the new Google app goes a step further by offering you reply options based on the flow of the conversation.

You don’t have to start typing a word to get suggestions. Allo offers the suggestions based on the previous messages. Therefore, if the person asks you a question, some basic responses like “yes,” “no” and “maybe” might be at the ready. All you have to do is tap one to make it appear.

You’ll get other suggestions like emojis, photos or even phrases like “aww cute!” to reply to the conversation. The smart app looks beyond the basic cues to understand what is happening in the conversation and give you real choices.

Expressive Options

Emojis and stickers are nothing new for messaging apps and social media. However, Allo takes it a step further by introducing unique emojis, stickers and other expressive options.

For example, instead of a basic smiley face or high-five sticker, you can choose something like a sloth riding a pizza to express your excitement or joy.

Allo even lets users create their own pictures with a simple paint feature. Use it to doodle over a picture or to create your own drawing.

Digital Assistant

The old personal digital assistants have nothing on the new Google messaging app.

Backed by the power of Google, this app is a true digital assistant.

Are you making dinner plans in text? Use Google to find the best restaurants near you. Or look up videos on how to make a delicious dish yourself at home.

The results will appear right in your chat, so you can both see what’s available.

Allo allows you to look for movie times, flights, hotel lodgings, news, traffic reports, sports scores, weather forecasts and much more. All you have to do is type in @Google to start your search.

Just like with the main Google search engine, the assistant in Allo also features a few Easter eggs, or hidden features that make the tool more fun. For example, you can ask the assistant to play a game with you or to recommend funny videos and other content.

Incognito Chat

Unfortunately, your private messages can easily be hacked – as all too many celebrities have learned the hard way.

Google takes your privacy seriously, and it has included several security measures with Allo to ensure that you can chat completely incognito. You don’t have to worry about anyone else getting access to your messages that you don’t want to have them.

Chats in Allo are encrypted using Transport Layer Security and other security software. When you enter a special “Incognito” mode, messages are also given end-to-end encryption, discreet notifications, and an expiration date.

You don’t need to be a presidential candidate or a celebrity to want to keep your messages private. Even if you aren’t saying anything really juicy in your texts, you never know what kind of information hackers can mine from your messages to steal your identity or to commit some other fraud. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and Allo ensures your safety when chatting.

Like other Google products, we are sure that Allo will evolve over time as more people use it and the search giant figures out ways to improve it. For now, we are excited about this new messaging technology for both the Android and iOS systems.

With all the smart features that Allo includes, it’s easy to see how marketers can take advantage of the tool to reach more of their target audience. The digital assistant has the most potential since marketers could pay for priority placement or featured mentions when users search within the app. Marketers could even sponsor stickers or emojis that are someone tied to the brand while still being appealing to their audience.

Check out Google Allo today and figure out how you can start benefitting from it for yourself and your brand.