Is Google+ monetization even worth it?

When you compare Google’s ailing social network to other major platforms, it’s a valid question: will you make a return on investment?

Will You Even Make Money on Google+?

Let’s look at some facts:

  • Google+ has been unsuccessful from the start. For a while, Google tried to coerce people into using Google+, via YouTube comments, SERPS Authorship status, Gmail integration, and so on. But these efforts were never successful and Google+ just doesn’t command any significant market share.
  • Google+ demographics aren’t encouraging. The site is bot-heavy, predominantly male, and skewed towards particular niches, such as internet marketing and technology.
  • Of those who do use the site, they don’t use it very much. While Facebook users average more than 20 minutes per day on the world’s most popular social network, Google+ users averaged around 7 minutes per month.
  • Rumors have been circulating for a long time that the social network was on its way out.
  • Recently it was announced that Google+ is being split apart into photos and streams.

So, as we can see, there are plenty of arguments against monetizing Google+. People don’t have infinite amounts of time…

So how much of that time should be used on an unpopular social network that just hasn’t been able to pull it together?

Google+’s fate isn’t sealed, however. And there are certain groups that remain very active on the site.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few techniques marketers can use to find out if it’s worth it to monetize Google+. And we’ll go over a few automation techniques that will let you maintain a presence on the site without expending too much effort.

Google+ Monetization Tips

First, let’s find out if monetizing Google+ is worth it for you.

A few essential questions can clear up the matter:

Is your audience on Google+?

If you’re selling skin care products to teen girls, you probably won’t make much money on Google+. You need to go where your audience is…

To find out whether your audience is on Google+, scope out all the communities and groups on Google+ related to your business. Photographers and writers, for instance, do command a rather strong presence on Google+.

But there are more people off the network than on it, so do your research first.

Are they there in sufficient quantity and quality?

First of all, find out if there are enough people to warrant your time. If you only see a couple communities and a handful of individuals that match your interest, then look to other networks that have more people on board.

Second, remember that not all customers are created equal. And there are plenty of bots roaming Google+. So if you find people with the right interests, research their profiles to see if they look like they’ll buy from you.

Do you think you can generate a return on investment?

The above questions will help you find out if Google+ monetization will actually be worth it…or if your time would be better spent on another network.

Assuming the numbers look good, though, how do you actually make money from Google+?

Google+ Monetization Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to help you monetize Google+:

Promote yourself and your services across your Google+ presence. This includes your profile page, your posts, and your comments. Assuming you have your own products and services, you should use the social network as a promotional tool. Or, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can link directly to affiliate products – not just on posts, but also in the links portion of your profile page.

Devote enough time per day and per week to get something back. You can’t make any money if you don’t put any time into it. Keep your posts short, sweet, and frequent.

Get involved. Assuming you’ve got communities relevant to your industry, you should join them and be active. Comment, post, and – most importantly – contribute. Don’t sell constantly, or you’ll annoy people. And they’ll mute you.

Make authentic connections. Follow people and treat them like people, not numbers. People want to interact with real people. And they’re more likely to trust and buy from real people. So use Google+ as a networking tool and build relationships that you can cultivate outside Google+ if necessary.

Drive traffic to your website and sales pages. Google+ isn’t the greatest place to make an extended sales pitch. But you can communicate value and push people towards landing pages, blog articles, and other portions of your content network. This will allow you to draw them further into your sales funnel so you can develop relationships with them that last longer. And when they’re on other sites, you can earn money through advertising and other monetization strategies.


Google+ certainly isn’t the most successful social network online. But with the right target audience and the right offers, you could monetize your presence on this network. As with other social networks, the key is building a real audience based on real relationships.