Bundling & Integration Guidelines

These Bundling and Integration Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) explain the terms and conditions according to which ClientConnect Ltd. on its own behalf and on behalf of its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, d/b/a CodeFuel (“CodeFuel”, “we” or “us”) allows you to bundle or integrate any of CodeFuel’s proprietary applications and/or technology (the “CodeFuel Application”) with your software (the “Software”) and thereby create a Software package (the “Software Package”).

All capitalized terms defined in the agreement between you and CodeFuel (the “Agreement”) will have the same meaning when used in these Guidelines. These Guidelines are a supplement to the Agreement and do not replace or derogate any of your undertakings stipulated in the Agreement.

You may not create a Software Package unless and until you receive advance written approval to do so from CodeFuel. In addition, CodeFuel’s pre-approval must be obtained if you wish to make any update, change, edit or substitution to the Software, Software Package or any information provided in relation thereto.

Adherence to these Guidelines is mandatory in order to ensure that your Software Package installation process is fully compliant with industry standards and with the Agreement, as well as to achieve an optimized installation process.

These Guidelines are intended to assist you (i) fulfilling your contractual obligations regarding bundling your Software with the CodeFuel Application, and (ii) conforming with common industry practices.

Your Software Package installation process must be in full compliance with the requirements provided to you by CodeFuel. In addition, the installation process must strictly adhere to the following rules:

  1. Software/Application Description: Each offer screen presented during your Software Package installation process must always disclose the existence of each application that is offered for installation, including its material features and effects on the end user’s computer/browsers.
  2. End-User License Agreement & Privacy Policy
    1. You must provide the end user with easy access to the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) and Privacy Policy of each of the applications offered in the Software Package, which the end users must accept in order to complete the installation process. 
    2. The EULA and Privacy Policy of the CodeFuel Application(s) will be provided to you by CodeFuel.
  3. Proper Disclosure and Choice: Prior to the installation of any of the applications included in the Software Package, you must inform the end user of all of the application(s) they are about to install, without having the end user scroll down in order to see the entire list of application(s). You must also allow the end user to choose whether or not to install any of the applications by indicating prominently “Agree and Install” and “Skip” buttons (respectively). 
    1. Accept and Decline options must be of equal prominence.
    2. A “silent” or “background” installation of any application (including your Software) or any other type of installation which does not require the end user’s informed, affirmative and prior consent is expressly prohibited.
  4. Bundled software must comply with all guidelines, including the Software Download Policy.
  5. Form of Disclosure: All disclosure and consent statements should be prominently displayed to the end user, and be presented for a sufficient duration, and be in a size, shade, and language sufficiently noticeable and understandable for the average end user to read and comprehend without the need to scroll down.
  6. Comply with store and browsers policies. Your bundle must comply with Chrome Webstore guidelines, Mozilla guidelines, and its sideload practices or any other relevant policy
    Uninstall: Each application in the Software Package must include a simple means for the end-user to delete the application.
  7. Updated Versions: As part of the installation process, you must provide a means for updating the CodeFuel Application(s) according to the version updates that CodeFuel makes available to you.

Additional Rules:

  1. CodeFuel has the right to request the full list of bundled software, third parties or implementations, and the ability to terminate or suspend specific software downloads or bundle offers.
  2. Codefuel reserves the right to require to remove any software from the bundle if non-compliant with the guidelines and the terms of the Agreement.
  3. Once the end user initiates a search via the CodeFuel Application, the end user must be redirected to the result page (as applicable and instructed by CodeFuel) immediately after the search event. No interstitials are allowed.
  4. You must not:

4.1 Bundle CodeFuel Application with any of these types of software:

  • Prohibited software
  • Key logging
  • Adult\Mature content
  • Streaming
  • File sharing
  • Torrent
  • VPN (unless specifically approved by CodeFuel)
  • Payday loans
  • MSFT products
  • Malware
  • Ad Injection
  • Automated traffic\robots
  • Scareware
  • User-generated content
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Firearms & weapons
  • Gambling
  • Religious content
  • Political content
  • Family planning products
  • Violence\Hate speech
  • Banned\Illegal substances
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Phishing sites\products

4.2 Redirect the end user to another URL without a direct click by the end user;

4.3 Block traffic from being delivered to an advertisement or promotional content provided by CodeFuel or CodeFuel’s partners;

4.4 Hinder the ability of CodeFuel or CodeFuel’s search partner to gather, analyze and investigate traffic patterns or mask traffic sources;

4.5 Interfere with website crawling by CodeFuel or CodeFuel’s search partners for the purposes of content, compliance and sensitivity classification;

4.6 Redirect the end user from an unauthorized property or website to an authorized property or website.

CodeFuel reserves the right to modify these Guidelines or discontinue the right to bundle or integrate your Software with any CodeFuel Application, at any time and without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review these Guidelines from time to time to check for updates. 

CodeFuel will also revise the “Last Updated” date at the bottom of these Guidelines. By continuing to distribute or offer your Software Package after these Guidelines are modified, you agree to be bound by the modified Guidelines. If the modified Guidelines are not acceptable to you, your only recourse is to cease distributing or offering your Software Package. You can review the most current version of these Guidelines at any time at: /legal/softwareinstallerintegration.

Any violation of the Guidelines may lead to suspension or termination of your Agreement with CodeFuel, in CodeFuel’s sole discretion. CodeFuel shall have the right to determine if any part of the Software Package’s installation process reflects poorly on CodeFuel or otherwise disparages or devalues CodeFuel’s reputation or goodwill. CodeFuel shall have the unilateral right to refuse to allow you to bundle, integrate or distribute your Software with any CodeFuel Application.

Last updated:  April 25, 2020