Keyword Hotspots Policy

This Keyword Hotspots Policy applies to all Keyword Hotspots Implementations (as defined below) distributed by Publisher in connection with the Agreement. Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalized terms have the meaning given in the Agreement and the 2-Click Policy. For the avoidance of doubt, other search provider Policies may also apply to the Keyword Hotspots Implementations governed by this policy.

  1. Keyword Hotspots Implementations. “Keyword Hotspots” Implementations refer to a type of 2-Click Implementation, in which a keyword suggestion module resolves, in accordance with search provider’s instruction, to a 2-Click SERP or a Landing Page (as such terms are defined in the 2-Click Policy, and, which, for clarity, may include Publisher owned-and-operated websites and third party owned-and-operated websites). Keyword Hotspots Implementations are only available for distribution by Publisher (and not Publisher’s Syndication Partners, if any, or any other third party), and only on websites and through traffic sources approved by search provider.
  2. Implementation Requirements. Keyword Hotspots Implementations must comply with the following requirements:
    1. Keyword Hotspots Implementations are a form of 2-Click Implementation, and are additionally subject to (and must comply with) the 2-Click Policy. 
    2. Keyword Hotspots Implementations must be directly managed by Publisher. 
    3. The keyword hyperlinks in the 2-Click Creative (as such term is defined in the 2-Click Policy) must be clear and sufficiently prominent to inform the user that he or she (i) is viewing a hyperlink, and (ii) performing a search for that keyword.
    4. The 2-Click Creative must be labeled using “search for <keyword>” (or equivalent label described in the “Equivalent Search Labels” section of the 2-Click Policy) in relation to the keyword that is to be used as the search Query. The Query sent to search provider must match the exact keyword suggestion in the 2-Click Creative. The keyword displayed to the user on the 2-Click SERP or Landing Page as the keyword for which the search was performed must exactly match the Query sent to search provider.
    5. Keyword suggestion modules must not directly display or include Paid Search Results.