Product Ads Guidelines

Basic Policies:


  • Arbitrage flow /traffic from Product Ads and duplication of Product Ads is not allowed.
  • Product Ads and Text Ads must be prominently displayed in the page.
  • Product Ads must be placed on the top half of the page (this applies to both mainline and sidebar).
  • Publishers must rely on pre-approved layouts.
  • New publishers should submit mockups for approval as part of the submission process.
  • Publishers cannot reorder the Product Ads listings.
  • Text Ads Ad labeling guideline applies to Product Ads as well.
    • GDPR guidelines are applied to EMEA markets.
  • Filtering Queries in Shopping sites: 
    • Showing Ads as the user is filtering down is not allowed. 
    • Publishers may only show Product Ads either after the front query (typed in) or at the last filtering, but not in the path of the user search.


Product Ads as part of Search Feed API and Ads API – Policy:


  • Must display all product ads in rank order from left to right and top to bottom in the matrix 
  • Must not modify, crop or otherwise change the product ad’s image 
  • May resize the image or text as necessary to fit the property provided that the offer is fully legible (you must not obfuscate the image or text in whole or in part).
  • Must display the following fields in full (all other fields are optional):
    • Seller’s name 
    • Price or installment information. If the installment Info field exists, you must display the installment amount and description instead of price. 
    • Currency
    • Low price offer
    • Image 
    • Name of the offered item. The name may be truncated to 20 characters. If you truncate the name, append an ellipsis to the name to indicate that the name was truncated. 
    • Promotional text (see the description field of Offer) 
    • Price per unit (included in German market only) 
    • Energy rating (included in German market only)
    • Shipping information (included in German market only) 
  • Must use the offer’s URL to link to the seller’s website 


Labeling guidelines:

Shopping sites:

  • If there aren’t any other Product Ads vendors on the page OR if other Product Ads vendors display their name inside the Product Ads:

The label could be:  ‘Ads’ / ‘Sponsored results’

else: label must be:   ‘Ads by Microsoft’ / ‘Sponsored results by Microsoft’


Traditional SERPs and Content sites:

  • The label should be: ‘Shop for {*search kws*}’ + ‘Ads’ labeling


EMEA markets:

  • If publishers are planning on launching in any EMEA market, the label needs to be the one that is GDPR compliant.