Search Box Policy

1. Overview

This document will specify the implementation guidelines for offering a Bing powered searchbox on your own website.

These guidelines are a supplement to your contract with ClientConnect Ltd., d/b/a CodeFuel (the “Agreement”). These guidelines are not intended to replace or derogate from any of your obligations in the Agreement; but rather, are intended to provide guidance as to how and what you are allowed to do with CodeFuel Technology pursuant to the Agreement and in accordance with common industry practices. These guidelines are not an exhaustive list and CodeFuel is entitled to use its discretion when evaluating your application/website and may replace/edit/expand the guidelines at any time.

2. Technical information

2.1. General info

  • The searchbox layout won’t be affected if the user resizes the page.
  • Its preferred the searchbox style will be written as an inline style as part of the search HTML tags to avoid it being overridden by the publisher’s page where the searchbox control is hosted.
  • The searchbox images are cached behind CDN to improve user experience by decreasing the loading response time.
  • The code for the searchbox given here supports web pages without the need to enter “DOCTYPE” at the top, although it is recommended.

2.2. Searchbox behavior

Simple searchbox can be used for sites/ applications that redirect (via CodeFuel’s designated URL) to Bing when a user executes a search.

There are three ways to execute a search request:

  • If there is a query term in the searchbox, clicking the logo would execute a search on Bing.com (via redirect).
  • If there is a query term in the searchbox, clicking the spyglass would take a user to http://www.bing.com (via redirect).
  • If users hit a Search Button
  • If the user clicks “Enter”, this will provide a search request that includes the user’s search term and redirects the search request to the Bing search engine within all the necessary search URL parameters.
  • If the user provides an empty search request, the user will stay on the same search page and won’t be redirected to the Bing SERP.
  • Helper text shown in search box before user’s types in the input-box should be: “Search with Bing” or “Results by Bing”

Tooltips required:

  • Tool Tip – The Alt Text for the graphic should be: “Search by Bing” or “Results by Bing”.
  • Tool Tip – Hover over the searchbox shows the tip “Search for”
  • Tool Tip – Hover over the spyglass shows the tip “Search”
  • Tool Tip – Hover over the logo shows the tip “bing.com”


  • Spyglass – Bing orange or dark gray spyglass placed per example shown
  • Font in the Bing searchbox is small/normal or 16px Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Sans-Serif
  • Color of text is R163 G163 B163 (#A3A3A3)

2.3. Code sample

view-source: http://storage.stgbssint.com/ps/search/demo-branded/search_template/search/search.html

2.4. Verticals searches implementation

Vertical Name URL/Example
Web  http://www.trovi.com/Results.aspx?q=[SEARCHTERM]&GD=[GID]&SearchSource=55&UM=8



Images  http://www.trovi.com/Results.aspx?q=[SearchTerm]&SearchType=SearchImages&GD=[GID]&SearchSource=55&UM=8



Videos  http://www.trovi.com/Results.aspx?q=[SearchTerm]&SearchType=SearchVideos&GD=[GID]&SearchSource=55&UM=8


News  http://www.trovi.com/Results.aspx?q=[SearchTerm]&SearchType=SearchNews&GD=[GID]&SearchSource=55&UM=8



Note that all the above parameters are a MUST in order to track the searches. See details below:

  • q= the search term that user type inside the search box
  • GD= tracking unique identifier. For each implementation use different GID value
  • searchsource = Search assets search source, indicate the source of the search
  • UM=6, defines user mode in CodeFuel/Search fuel system. a dark color backgrounds.

3. Bing branding

3.1. General
Any icons you use (Bing logo, Bing spyglass, etc.) must meet the Bing branding guidelines as specified in the HTML code below. And: http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/4/E/04E076D4-60B2-4D31-BCC7-C4805B558DBB/Bing%20product%20guidelines.pdf

3.2. Logo colors
The Bing dark gray logo: RBD G80 B80 (#505050) is the default logo for use on white or light color background.
The Orange logo: R255 G185 B0 (# FFB900) is preferred to use on a dark color backgrounds.

4. Search Homepage/ New Tab look & feel

Section Element Is mandatory?
Header Verticals (Web, Images, Videos, news) No
Search box Search box Yes
Search Box with Bing branding UI 1. Bing logo
2. Bing icon
3. Magnifying Glass
(if included, must meet the following guidelines & instructions:
Minimize Size: 50 px
Authorized colors as mention above.
Auto suggest listing Suggest listing No
Search Box UI Magnifying Glass No
Content / Ads Banners or any other content No
Footer 1. Privacy Policy link
2. About us (should include company’s main office physical address; phone number and email address, Fax number is optional.)
3. Term of use or End User License Agreement (As applicable)
4. Contact us
5. Copyright info
Order of the links is not important as long as all info included
New Tab page link Restore New tab link No

4.1. Illustration

There are two types of searchboxes for a Bing-powered search experience in the user interface:

  • Simple searchbox where only Web search is available
  • Multi-search engine searchbox where several verticals are available as in:
    – A drop-down list. (If you use the drop-down option, allow 10 px of space around the drop-down arrow for visual prominence).

4.2. Helper text
You may include a helper text inside the searchbox with the following text:

  • Search with Bing”.
  • Font in the Bing searchbox should follow the guidelines in this document and the illustrations below.:

4.3. Bing spyglass icon

4.4. SpyGlass Logo

Size Resource
16X16 https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.informativesetup.com/utilities/SpyGlassLogos/SpyGlass16x16.png
32X32 https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.informativesetup.com/utilities/SpyGlassLogos/SpyGlass32x32.png
48X48 https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.informativesetup.com/utilities/SpyGlassLogos/SpyGlass48x48.png
64X64 https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.informativesetup.com/utilities/SpyGlassLogos/SpyGlass64x64.png

4.5. Live Demo Link


5. Legal Guidelines

  • You may not integrate a searchbox on your applications unless you own the applications or are legally licensed to do so.
  • Your website/applications have to be in compliance (and not violate) Microsoft’s standard advertising editorial guidelines as applicable to you in your local geographic market. A current copy of such guidelines, as applicable in the United States, is available at http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/bing-ads-policies You may not integrate a searchbox on your website/applications without obtaining the CodeFuel’s prior written approval.
  • You may not use a different HTML code than the code provided in this document without obtaining the CodeFuel’s prior written approval.
  • You may only make the searchbox available to users following CodeFuel written approval. To obtain approval, please provide CodeFuel with the following: URLS and written description (including screen shots) of all scenarios in which users may reach the application/website page to generate a search. Also provide the following:
    • Install & Uninstall flows, as applicable
  • Required Browser Setting Disclosure (available search engines)
  • For any browser, make sure to label the search engine as: “Bing, by [Publisher\Approved Application name]”.
  • Use only icons that you have the right to use and that were approved by CodeFuel. Alternatively, use may use the icon provided to you by CodeFuel.
  • Online access to the application/website to review the implementation of the searchbox.

CodeFuel may review your implementation of the searchbox from time to time. Upon such a request, you will be asked to implement the necessary changes immediately, otherwise your account may be suspended. In cases of a violation of these guidelines, you will forfeit all the searches related to the violation
Privacy Policy: As part of the Approved Application installation process or End User’s use, as applicable, you must enable your users access to Search Services Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy for Services”).
The following sentence must be included in the Publisher’s applicable privacy policy which governs an end user’s use of the Search URL Services:

“Some of the web search services provided herein are provided by Trovi Search and powered by Trovi search partners. For information on the web search services data collection, please visit http://info.trovi.com/Privacy, and the search provider’s privacy policy, as applicable.”

Please note that CodeFuel may change the text above from time to time in its sole discretion. Publisher agrees to update the text upon CodeFuel’s written request.
Please see your agreement with CodeFuel regarding additional details as to the Privacy Policy.

Review Process: Please note that each Approved Application you request to distribute with a CodeFuel Search URL will be reviewed to ensure that the Approved Application and its’ features are in compliance with these guidelines and additional guidelines that are incorporated in your agreements with CodeFuel. You may check the status of the review process through your account manager.